After Helena's performance Serguei Borodine reneges on his deal with you. He lowers a metal cage around her and has no intention of returning Oscar's hands. Cut the lock on the cage with the metal sheers to free Helena. Use the screwdriver to retrieve Oscar's hands from the automaton pianist. Make your way to the door leading to the platform. You open the door and although Helena will get through (with Oscar's hands) you'll still be trapped inside the factory. You can leave via the cage lift you originally used to get here.


When you're in the mine shaft Serguei Borodine blows up the entrance back into the factory. Walk to the other end of the mine shaft and pull the lever to bring the cage lift down. There's a bomb in the lift that explodes and you're trapped inside the shaft. Remember the ventilation duct you saw down here? After the second explosion you can escape through the duct.


You'll note that the crate containing explosives is now open. Before going to the train take the dynamite out the crate. Oscar is in the engine and he tells you to board the train. The giant automaton will move forward and the iron rods between it's legs prevent the train from leaving. Attach the dynamite to the giant automaton and blast a way through. The train now goes to Aralbad.
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