Your adventure begins at the hotel in Valadilene in the French Alps.
Take the advertising brochure from the stand next to the entrance. The brochure gives you some background and also contains important clues that you'll need later. Try picking up your luggage to trigger the 'Help' topic in your dialog notebook. You summon the concierge by ringing the bell on the reception desk. The reception bell key is on the desk. Take the key, insert it into the figure on the bell and press the red button. Talk to the concierge selecting the 'Kate' and 'Help' topics. During the conversation you are interrupted by the boy (Momo) sitting at the table in the corner. Note that he throws whatever he was playing with onto the floor when the concierge chases him away. You also learn that Anna Voralberg has died. The concierge takes your luggage up to your room.
There's a fax from your office, giving the details of your trip, in your room. Use your cell phone to call your office and advise your boss (Edward Marson) that Anna Voralberg has died. He tells you provision has been made for this and that he'll fax you a letter of introduction to the notary.
Go back downstairs and talk to the concierge again. When you select the 'Mission' topic he gives you another fax from your office (letter of introduction to the notary). The other dialog topics will provide you with background about Anna and Hans Voralberg. Pick up the medium and large cog wheels that Momo threw on the floor. Also take the tiny and small cog wheels he left on the table. Note the design he engraved on the table, which shows the cog wheels in a specific pattern.



You'll find the Notary Office on the same side of the street as the hotel. Turn left (to Kate's right) when you exit the hotel and continue down the street. To enter the office you must figure out how to operate the automaton at the door. Put the letter of introduction (second fax) into the automaton's hand, raise the lever on it's chest and then pull the handle on the right. Talk to Maitre Alfolter using the 'Mission' topic. He tells you about the letter he received from Anna Voralberg in which she advises that her brother, Hans, is still alive and is therefore the heir to the factory. He suggests that you may get more information from the Voralberg Factory archives. He tells you the key is in his waiting area. Take the telescopic key from the hat stand at the front door. Also note the 'approve' stamp on his desk.


The entrance into the Voralberg Estate is not easy to find. Head towards the hotel (from the Notary Office) and you'll see it on the opposite side of the street. Open the gate by inserting the telescopic key (that you got from the Notary Office) into the top automaton, wind the key in the bottom automaton and then pull the lever below the top automaton.

Take the eastern path at the intersection and make your way around the side of the house to the maze garden. In the garden you find a water feature with a Voralberg key in the basin. Take the key and return to the house.
There's no way to enter the house, but you can get into the attic. Use the key to operate the automaton ladder against the wall of the house, then climb up the ladder and into the attic. Inside the writing desk you find an ink bottle and Anna's diary. Read the diary to learn about Hans Voralberg. Enter the small alcove that's accessible behind the chair with a sheet draped over it. You need to switch on the light in the alcove. With the light on you see a carving of a mammoth on a wooden beam in the wall. When you talk to Momo he'll give you a pencil and paper. Select the 'Help' topic and he offers to tell you a secret if you draw a mammoth for him. Use the pencil and paper on the carving in the alcove to trace a mammoth. Give the mammoth pencil tracing to Momo and he tells you to follow him.



Follow Momo to the mountains (the entrance is past the Notary Office). When he stops, talk to him about your 'Mission'. He'll tell you about the mammoth doll in a cave. If you go along the path to the water's edge you'll see the cave entrance on the opposite side of the river. You must find a way to cross the river, so begin by trying to open the dam gate. You're not strong enough and will have to ask Mono for 'Help'. Unfortunately the lever is too weak and Momo breaks it. Did you notice the old boat just before you caught up with Momo? There's an oar in the water next to the boat that would make an excellent replacement for the lever, but you can't reach it with your hands. If you didn't pick up the broken lever, you need to go fetch it and use it to pull the oar closer. You again have to ask Momo for 'Help' to pick up the oar. Yet again ask Momo for 'Help' to open the dam gate. Once the gate is open the water from the river runs into the dam and you're able to get across at the water's edge along the path where you caught up with Momo. Take the mammoth toy doll you find inside the cave.


Before going to the Voralberg Factory you should go to the cemetery. To get there you go back along the main street all the way out of town. There is a church and a crypt inside the cemetery.
Enter the vestibule at the rear entrance on the side wall of the church. Look behind the cross on the wall to find the key to unlock the chest of drawers. In four of the five drawers you'll find a different coloured punch card (red, purple, green and blue). There's no punch card in the middle drawer, but if you look carefully you'll see a hidden compartment at the back. Turn the handle on the side to open the hidden compartment and take the Voralberg key and priest's confession.
Examine the control panel next to the lift. Does it look familiar? It has the same pattern as the design engraved on the table at the hotel. Insert the cog wheels into the control panel and then pull the lever on the side.

The lift takes you up to the church bell tower. The automaton organ is operated by inserting any of the coloured punch cards, each playing a different tune. When the purple punch card is inserted you'll see the automaton on top of the crypt remove and lower his hat. Note that there is a keyhole on the inside of the hat.
You can now unlock and enter the crypt by inserting the Voralberg key (that you got from the chest of drawers) in the keyhole in the automaton's hat. Open the 'Hans Voralberg' drawer and take the Voralberg voice cylinder and press cutting.


Return to the intersection in the Voralberg Estate. The western and north-western paths lead to the factory and a shed respectively.
Go to the shed first. Pull the lever attached to one of the poles and the metal drum (which you'll need inside) is lifted and moved into the factory.
The first thing you need to do in the factory is to provide power for the assembly line. Go to the watermill room (at the end of the wall to Kate's left as she enters). Pull the chain above the automaton generator to turn on the watermill, then pull the lever next to the generator to transfer power to the assembly line.
Walk past the metal staircase (to Kate's right as she enters) until you find an automaton forklift. Note that the metal drum from the shed is here.
At about this point in the game Kate gets a phone call from her mother. Pay attention to what her mother says, there's an important clue that you use later.
Switch on the forklift and it takes the metal drum to the assembly line and fits it in place.
The door to the construction room is behind the forklift. You find an automaton suspended on a chain inside the construction room. Lower the automaton by turning the crank handle. Talk to the automaton (Oscar) and you'll learn that he was designed to be a train engineer. He asks you to complete his production (he still needs a pair of feet) and gives you his punch card.
Anna Voralberg's office is at the top of the metal staircase. Examine the various documents on her desk. There are a number of letters evidencing the financial difficulties, a set of plans for a train and a letter written by Anna to Hans from which you learn that Hans wants the mammoth toy doll brought to him. The display cabinet has a hidden compartment. Pull the second book from the right to open the hidden compartment, inside of which are a cylinder player, a music cylinder and a Hans-Anna mechanical toy. Put the Voralberg voice cylinder (that you found in the crypt) into the cylinder player and you view the scene in the cave. After playing the Voralberg voice cylinder you'll be able to take the Hans-Anna mechanical toy.
Now go to the production console, which you'll find at the end of the metal walkway. You need to figure out how to operate the console in order to manufacture Oscar's feet. Click the icon below for the detailed solution.

Get the wooden legs from the assembly line and take them to Oscar. Note that if you did not select the correct wood grain on the production console, Oscar will not accept the wooden legs. If they've been made from ebony wood, he'll fit them on and then leaves to go to the train.


The north-eastern path at the intersection in the Voralberg Estate leads to the station. You find Oscar on board the train. When you talk to him (the 'Mission' dialog topic) he tells you that you need a ticket, and leaves to go to the Ticket Office. Disembark and again talk to Oscar at the Ticket Office. He gives you a train ticket and an unstamped train release permit, which requires authorization by the Notary.


Do you remember the 'approve' stamp on the Notary's desk? First lift the hat and fill the stamp with ink from the ink bottle, then put the permit on the blotter and press the red button.


Return to the station. There are a few things that must be done before you and Oscar depart on your journey.
A number of the items you collected need to be correctly displayed in the luggage compartment.

The Voralberg voice and music cylinders must be displayed in the cabinet on the left (1), the music cylinder on the left and the voice cylinder on the right. Put the Hans-Anna mechanical toy on the pedestal in the centre (2) and the mammoth toy doll on the shelf on the right (3).
Lastly, you have to wind the train's springs. Cross over to the other side of the platform (use either the bridge or disembark to Kate's left from the train) and you'll find the winder. Turn the large wheel to extend the winder and connect it to the train. Pull the lever to wind the springs and then turn the wheel again to retract the winder.
Once you have completed all the above give the train release permit and train ticket to Oscar - and off you go!
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