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The Terminal

Q : What is the use of this strange machine?
A :
It is a cutting machine. For now, just open the panel on the left side of the machine and take out the blue magnet, green magnet, and the wire.

Q : What should I tell the guard who chase a little boy?
A :
Help the boy by saying you don't know to the guard. Anyway, he still a kid. You don't believe he is planning a sabotage, do you ? After he left, get the wire cutter in the alcove beside the elevator.

Level 2

Q : Where could I approved my claim ?
A :
  You should visit The Administration Office on level 2. Try to meet Howard Janous. Too bad, according to the secretary you won't be able to meet him for a moment. You might come back again later. He'll contact you if Mr. Janous wants to meet you.

Q : What should I do after the secretary left ?
A :
Look behind the counter. Watch the camera. You'll see him rushly go to somewhere. Look at the note on the counter. Use your laser pen to scan it, then put it on your PDA. It's the code to go into Security Office (although the code isn't very useful after all in the end).

Q : What is the next step ?
A :
Go to the Security Office. You'll meet Kit again. Go inside and meet O'Kale again. Talk with Grice inside. He'll show the recording of your uncle Jack, a moment before his death. Ask for a security ID. He tells you to pick it up from the counter outside. Go out and ask for your security ID. When you go outside, Janous will call you. Go back to administrative office. Use the vidphone on the table. Insert your ID card. Push 55. You'll see Janous comes out with an old woman, Gilly. Talk with Janous about your uncle's death. Now it's time to meet Kit in casino.


Q : Where could I find Kit ?
A :
She is in Blackjack room. Go inside and wait until the players lost. You could piss them off by keep on talking with them. Both ways will make them go. Start your lesson with Kit. Don't worry, just bet all of your money. You'll win regardless on whatever cards you get. So just spend all your money here until the manager come in and stop the Blackjack game.

Notes: In the Gravity Dice next door, you'll find out that Alberto is a regular visitor. They will give a special time for him today. Remember this, so you will know where to find him later on.

Q : Should I made a deal with Hunter ?
A :
It’s an optional only. You only make a deal with him if you have big problem with money. You could get lots of money in the beginning of the game if you win several times in blackjack game. Use savegame option in order to optimize your chance in winning the game. If you have more than $ 7000 in your hands, you don’t need to make a deal with Hunter. That’s the maximum value you need to purchase your tools (before you get Janous ID card later on).

Q : What’s the easy way to win the Blackjack game ?
A :
Use your savegame option. Sometime when you give her tips before the game (like $100 for example), you’ll have bigger chance to win. But again, it’s not confirmed yet.

Q : How could I meet Alberto in the Claims Office ?
A :
You got the chance to meet him after you see Londie and fix the broken path at Level 2 where you see the vision of Uncle Jake (that is the place where he died).

Level 2

Q : How could I fix the broken path ?
A :
First, purchase Verdu Portable Smelter and High-Thermal Mittens from the General Outfitters. Use your ID on the left slot and your Credit Card on the right slot. One of the machines there have those tools. Use the Smelter to melt down the iron plate. When it reaches high temperature, it is easier to bend. Wear the mittens to protect your hands from heat. Bend it.

Note: Accross this broken path, you'll see an oxygen tank inside a small room. There is a key hanger in front of it. Pick up the SITO key there. This key is the elevator control key. This action will trigger the availability of Alberto.

Q : What should I do in the Claims Office ?
A :
Use the videophone on the right wall. Push 'Call' button. When he asks you to give him proof, push the ‘Bin’ button and insert your Proof of Claims inside the slot on the left panel. Send the documents to him by pushing 'Bin' one more time. He tell you to come back in about 3 days to process it (I couldn’t wait for that long. There must be another way to get my claims back before 3 weeks !!).

Q : How could I get my claims back before 3 weeks ?
A :
Try to break into his office after he left. He’ll leave immediately after you left the office.

Claims Office

Q : What is the code to enter his office ?
A :
Go visit him in the Gravity Dice room at the Casino. You’ll hear him saying a number again and again even though he lost several times because of it. It must be a special number for him. That is his office code. The number is 2867. Talk with him about your claims. Guess what .... he extends the time to 3 weeks. That son of a gun .....

Notes: You won't be able to open the Claims Office even though you know the code already. You HAVE to go to the Casino and listen the number directly from Alberto. That will trigger the code to access the office.

Q : Where could I find info about the Proof of Claims ?
A :
It’s kept in WR drawer in the filling cabinet. You have to unlock the drawer first before you could get the document. The lock controller is inside his private room. Once you get inside, pull the switch on the wall to unlock the drawer. You’ll see an interesting document inside the Inter-Office drawer in here. Scan them. They tell you about the crystal strikes.

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Q : What is the code to access his private room ?
A :
You’ll see his code written on the wall inside one of the booth in the General Outfitters. You’ll see this sentence on the wall: "Alberto is a mindless cog 1387". That is the code to his private room.

Q : Where could I find my Proof of Claims ?
A :
Your copy of Proof of Claims is kept inside the Inter-Office box in the main office, just next to the exit door along with other important documents. Get your claim and scan the documents. From them, you’ll know that something dirty is hapenning here in Luna Crysta. Your uncle is at the wrong time and the wrong place. When you exit this room, you’ll meet Whistler again. He’ll give you the key to Ore Processing room.

Author Comments: After this meeting, you'll know that Oliver Whistler has been sent by your own sister. She wants him to get the claims from you by all means. What is going on here ? Why everybody want the mines ? What so special about it ? All the answer could be found in the next chapters.....

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