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Oxygen Tanks

Q : How could I disable the oxygen tanks ?
A :
You need a special tools for that. Go slightly to the left from the place you meet Londie. Get the monkey wrench there. Use this tool to turn the valve on the tank.

Q : Where is the tanks ?
A :
There are 4 of them. You should disable them in certain order like the document from Gryce office said. The first one is on Level 2 upstair (accross the broken path). The second is at the Center Pit on Level A (look at this map). The third one is on level D. The last one could be accessed from Door A on Center Pit (look at this map to help you). Look at the blue path to help you understand this scheme.

Notes: You could find an interesting ore stone called Monasoa on Level D, just in front of the generator. Pick it up.

Q : How could I open the gate that blocked the path to the final generator ?
A :
Use your smelter to melt the lock. Disable the final generator. On the way out, you’ll be automatically look at the crack and watch how the Cepheids get their freedom.

Q : Where is the tunnel which I've seen through the crack ?
A :
You could access it through the elevator A. Get the wire back from the Dark Tunnel and use it on the control panel on this elevator. Go to the lower floor and enter the other door and move forward to the gate. This time the gate is not locked anymore. Enter and turn around. You’ll see 2 rocks here. Get them (it’s a Gedifreme rock). Turn around again and walk to the crate. Get the goggle on the ground. On the way out, O’Keefe will spot you. Run for your life.....

Now it’s time to find the Cepheid Lair and meet Londie’s mother.

Cepheid Lair

Q : Where is it ?
A :
Go back to the Dark Tunnel at Center Pit. Somewhere near the broken generator down stair, there is a Light Path to enter Cepheid Lair. Take that path. You’ll be run out of Itacha by the time you arrive.

Q : Where could I find Londie's mother ?
A :
You need Itacha to do this. Get the Itacha on the far north corner. Look at the map above to help you. Eat your Itacha. Go to a dead-end path in front of the stair. You'll see a Path of Light there. Enter the Path of Light and move forward to the crystal cave. You'll meet her there.

Notes: On this lower level, you could find 2 more different ores. Look at the map to locate them. They are Veniris and Kelmet.

Q : Where could I find the Omian, the Scorpion ?
A :
Go through the Path of Light to Cepheid Lair again. Move forward, you'll see the scorpion there.

Q : How could I killed it ?
A :
Go to the stair to your left and climb to the top. Take the left path and get the stone rod. Turn around and this time move forward to the rock formation. Use your mapon the PDA. Use the rod to flip the rock over. Londie will appear and kill the scorpion for you. Get the spike tail. Too bad he'll die in doing so. When his mother take him back to the inner chamber, get his things on the stone bed.

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Q : Where could I find Kiashae ?
A :
You could find Kiashae chamber down in level B. Go to your father's shack. Enter the other entrance. Put the ladder back on the edge of the hole and climb down. Darn, a Rock Parasite blocks your way.

Q : How could I destroy this Rock Parasite ?
A :
You need a special solution for that. Check out Toni Rich solution. She keeps her recipe inside her computer her post.

The Terminal

Q : Where is Rich's post ?
A :
It's at the Terminal on Level 2. Use the Path of Light on the Level A (behind Door B, look at this map to help you). Once you're in Level 2, climb the ladder and enter the ventilation system again. Get out at the Administration Office. Exit and take the elevator to your right. Go to the Terminal. Go to the very end of the path. Wear Toni Rich gloves and touch the fingerprint scanner on the door. Operate her computer behind the counter (another fingerprint scanner). There should be 1 file inside the system. Click on it.

Q : I open her computer. There’s no recipe inside. Where is it?
A :
Push the ‘Mask’ button then ‘Extract’. There is your recipe. Hmm... it contains 4 different materials: Veniris, Founeme, Grade Nine Synth-Lumber, and Ratmat extract.

Q : Where could I get the Ratmat Extract ?
A :
The Ratmat extract is kept in Howard Janous private office. It’s on the cabinet behind the green curtain. Use the ventilation system to go there.

Q : Where could I get the Grade Nine Synth-Lumber ?
A :
That's another name for sawdust. Remember the cutting machine at the Terminal ? You could get a small piece of board beside it. Use the cutting machine to cut the board. The bad news is that the machine is broken.

Q : How could I fix this machine ?
A :
Open the panel on the left. Wrap the wire on the blue magnet (you got them earlier from inside the panel) and put it back in the panel. Darn, the wire is stuck. Use the wire cutter to cut the wire. Now the machine is fixed. Put the board on the machine. Use the green button on the right side to operate the machine.

Q : What should I use to hold the dust ?
A :
Use the ventilation system again to go to the balcony. Cross the room by using the belt and the airgun again. On the other side of the platform, take the elevator to the Casino. When you enter the Casino, take the right path. You should see an empty mug on the table. Get it. Use the mug to hold the sawdust.

Q : Where are the 2 ore stones ?
A :
You already have Founeme stone from behind the barrels that blocked your way to the Dark Tunnel in level A. You could find Veniris inside the Ore Processing area. If you enter the Ore Processing area from the elevator in front of the elevator to the Terminal, it's on the second right turn from the entrance door. You need a Rock Cop to detect them. Purchase one from the General Outfitter.

Ore Processing

Q : How could I make the solution ?
A :
Go to the Ore Processing area. There’s a machine to make this solution there.

Q : How could I use this machine ?
A :
Put the Veniris stone inside the bin, push 'crush'. Put the mug on the hole and push 'extract'. Repeat the same procedure with Founeme. Finally put the Ratmat solution in the mug.

Q : With what should I use this solution ?
A :
Buy the Handheld Fusion Sprayer from the General Outfitters. Put the solution inside. Use the Sprayer on the Rock Parasite. It should melt that ugly monster. Move forward.

Q : I couldn't reach that Path of Light. What should I do ?
A :
Open Londie's things with the wirecutter. You'll see a letter from your father and a strange device. That will turn off the barrier that prevent you to reach the Path. Move slightly to your left and notice a small alcove with a plug on it. Insert the device there and click on it. Set the barrier off. Now you could go straight to the path to .....

Kiashae Chamber

Q : How could I get this Kiashae ?
A :
The Kiashae is the purple stone in the middle of the room. Use your tongs to pick it up. You need to break that Kiashae stone to get the content of Kiashae.

Q : How could I break it ?
A :
Go back to the Terminal and use the cutting machine to break it. Beware though, because it will produce a deadly ray. Wear your goggle before you cut that stone. Take the broken Kiashae back to Cepheid Lair. Use it on Londie...

Author comments: After he wakes up, he told you to give the Itacha stone to Cepheids people. Get his pouch on the bed and ready to find Cepheids. One mystery is still unsolved. Where is Kit ? What is her role in this conspiracy ? You'll find the answer in the next section ....


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