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A great story from Southpeak Interactive, the creator of Temujin. This futuristic adventure sets in amining planet called Luna Crysta. You play the role of Jack Wright who come to this planet to search for the reason behind his uncle's death.

You'll start the game inside the shuttle. After brief conversation with the stewardress, look at the window to your right to see the Luna Crysta sky. That's interesting. You'll see a man sitting in front of you. He is Oliver Whistler, a Private Investigator. Seems that he still sleeping.

Turn to your left and talk to Kit Farris, a blackjack dealer. Exhaust all the conversation. Whistler will start talking to you. After the conversation, look inside your PDA and read all the incoming mails. Finally look outside the window on your right and watch the shuttle lands at Luna Crysta.

You'll meet another important character here in Luna Crysta. Her name is Toni Rich. After brief conversation with her, you're ready to begin your adventure.......

Notes: This hints will guide you to finish the adventure within a structural story. It's not a step-by-step hints, but it will guide you to understand the story better. Please be free to use your own path and just look at the hints whenever you're stuck. This hint is made based on Q&A structure. All items which you could get will be written in green colors. Hope this hints will help you to finish the game and understand the story.


  Introduction      Arrival    Fugitive   Cepheid Lair    Grand Finale

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