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Ore Processing

Q : Where is Whistler ?
A :
You’ll find him automatically once you get the safety belt and the key (it's the second intersection, turn left, then follow until the end of path). They are on the crate in one of the corner in the room. You’ll see someone kill him and Kit Farris will run away from the scene. What is she doing here ? This sounds bad. Everybody is chasing you now.

Q : How could I escape from this guard ?
A :
First, lock all the doors to the room. There are 2 locking mechanism in this room, one at the south door and the other at the north door. Then head to the panel at the middle of the room (the first intersection from the south entrance, turn left). Look at it and set all the lever according to this picture. Push ‘activate’ and use the key to unlock the gate next to it. Save your game here before you ride the cart.

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Q : I always dying here even though I set the panels correctly. Did I do something wrong ?
A :
You forget to wear your safety belt. If you don’t wear it, you’ll be falling down at section 2. To wear it just use the belt on the human figure on the left side of your screen.

The Mine

Q : What should I do outside this mine ?
A :
Turn around until you see 2 different ore stones on the ground. They are Huartz and Salabar. Pick them up. Go outside the gate and turn right. Behind that locked gate is the way to your freedom.

Q : How could I unlock the gate ?
A :
You need 3 things to unlock the gate, your personal ID, proof of claim, and your security ID. Use them on the censor just to the right of the gate. Quickly slide in once it opens. You need to do this quickly or someone will come and shoot you. You arrive in an area called Center Pit.

You’ll meet Londie inside and he’ll tell you about the Path of Lights. He’ll give you a strange rock called Itacha. This rock is the means to access the Path of Lights. DON'T eat it yet because it only last for temporary. Use it wisely later on.

Q : Where should I go first ?
A :
Find several tools to help you first. See this map below to help you. Go to Dark Tunnel entrance. Some barrels block your way. Move these barrels and you’ll find an interesting stone called Founeme. Pick it up for later use. The Dark Tunnel will leads to the Cepeids Lair. If you open the door and step in, you’ll see a sentence written with blood. It says "Free". It’s too dark to go through the path now. You’ll need helping tools to do this. For now just turn to left and then turn around. You’ll see a part of tool there. Pick it up. The other part is on the lower floor. Use Elevator A to go to the lower floor. Push the red button, get in, and push another red button below the elevator panel inside. Get the second part of the tool on the edge. Combine those parts to make a tongs. Go back to Center Pit.

Q : Where could I find a clue for Uncle Jack ?
A :
Enter Door B. Go straight to the elevator with ‘Level A’ label on it. Use the elevator to go to Level C. Head straight to the end of the tunnel. You’ll see a trailer here. Go inside. Take the bloody cloth and a body lamp there. Get out. You’ll find your uncle belongings inside a crack near the other tunnel entrance at the back wall after you fix your body lamp.

Note: If you haven’t purchase the Air Gun canister, you’ll see one lying on the ground inside this trailer.

Q : The light bulb of the body lamp is broken. Where could I get a replacement ?
A :
Remember Gilly, the old woman you meet earlier. She’s a miner. She should have one. You could find her on level B behind the door labeled B1. Go there and ask her about the light bulb. She’ll give you two light bulbs. She’ll also tell you about the story of the ‘Free’ word in the Dark Tunnel on Center Pit (if you have entered first). Go back to level C and get Uncle Jack’s CD and another Itacha stone from the crack. You’ll see a movie. Uncle Jack is your real father.

Note: This is strange but it happens twice with me. If you haven't use the Itacha from Londie, you won't see the second Itacha inside the crack. But don't worry about it. The Itacha from Londie will be enough until you reach Cepheid Lair (if you don't use the Path of Light too often). The other trick is: leave this crack section until you really need another Itacha to use.

Q : What should I do now ?
A :
You need to find more proof to figure out what really happen to your father. Administrative Office is the right place to start.

Q : How could I go to the office ? I couldn’t go through the elevator. They will catch me.
A :
This is the right time to use the Path of Light. Go back to Center Pit on Level A. Enter Door B. Eat the Itacha stone. You’ll see a shining path just in front of the elevator. Hop in and travel to Level 2. Hey this is the same place where Londie disappeared early on.

Q : I couldn’t go through the regular pathway. There is a guard block my way. Where should I go ?
A :
Use the ventilation system. Before doing that, take the elevator to the Casino. Find a drunk man inside the casino (it's to the right of the bar). Get the Air Gun behind his back. There is a ladder going up just to the left of the broken path (it’s just straight from your exit way of the Path of Light). Climb the ladder, turn around. Use the safety belt on the cable. Turn around. Fill up the air gun with the canister. Use that on the pipe in front of you. This will push you back againts the wall and travel to the big lamp on the center of the room. Turn left and walk forward. Use the same way to travel to the fence on the other side. Use the green magnet to open the ventilation grate. Get inside the ventilation path.

Notes: While you're in the Casino, take the Sonic Tuner also. It's on the broken synthesizer at the right part of the Casino.

Janous Office

Q : Where is the administration office ?
A :
Go straight. Turn left at the middle of the path. Continue straight until you see a grate. Open it with your green magnet. Climb out. You’re inside the office now.

Q : What should I find here ?
A :
You’ll find several interesting things here. Get Janous ID on the desk. (later on in this game, you could use his ID along with his fingerprint to purchase unlimited tools). Now it’s time to visit Grice office. Open the drawer just to the left of the sink. You'll see two documents inside. One about the Miner's Death, and the other about Grice. Scan them.

Q : How could I reach Grice office ?
A :
Go back to the ventilation path and this time head to the left. When you reach a big fan, turn left. Turn left again in the middle way. Open the grate with the green magnet. You’re in Grice office now.

Grice Office

Q : What should I find here ?
A :
There are 2 documents inside his desk drawer. One of the document said that Rich has a recipe to create a solution to deal with the monster in the mines. She kept her recipe inside her computer at the Terminal. As we know earlier, you need her fingerprints to go back to the Terminal. Look at the monitor on the wall. You'll see Cepheid victim. Poor guy ....

Q : Where could I get her fingerprints ?
A :
All of the fingerprints are kept inside the computer in Gryce office.

Q : What is the code to access Gryce computer ?
A :
The code is written on the picture behind the counter at the front desk. Go there and examine one of the photo. The code is MIRU.

Note: You could get the new code to access Administration Office by clicking on the books on the counter. The code is 1117. You will not be able to enter the Administration Office from the front door unless you see this note first (even though you use the correct code).

Q : How could I get the fingerprints ?
A :
You need to purchase the Syn-Skin gloves first at the General Outfitter. Buy 2 pairs of them to get Janous fingerprint also. Use the smelter to burn the gloves. Find Rich and Janous files. Use the laser pen scanner to scan them. Print it on the gloves. Do this for each fingerprint.

Q : I don't have enough money to buy tools. What should I do ?
A :
There are 2 ways to get money. First, call Hunter. Dial 44. Make a deal with him. Then you could sell the ore stones you found to him. The only videophone that could be used to sell the ores is located on the Center Pit on level A. See the Center Pit map above. The other way is easier. Use Janous card to buy stuff. Wear the gloves that has his fingerprint. Touch the fingerprint scanner when it appears. Now you could spend all his money to buy things.

Q : How could I open the cell door inside Grice office ?
A :
The key is kept on the key hanger behind the counter.

Q : What should I do inside ? There is nothing there.
A :
You will make an experiment here. Get the handcuff key from the cabinet next to the counter. The key is on the back of the cabinet door. Use the key on the handcuffs. My God, it melts them. Remember this thing.

Dark Tunnel

Q : Where should I go now ?
A :
Remember, Londie told you to meet him somewhere in the mining area. It’s time to check out the Dark Tunnel again. Wear your body lamp and enter the tunnel. Change the bulb when it breaks. By the end of the tunnel you’ll see an elevator.

Q : How to operate this elevator ?
A :
Get the wire from Elevator A panel. Use the SITO key to open the panel. Use the wire cutter to cut the wire. Go back to the Dark Tunnel and enter the elevator. Open the elevator panel with SITO key and attach the wire inside. Take the elevator to the lower ground.

Notes: Inside this Dark Tunnel you could find another type of ore called Monasoa. Get it.

Q : How could I kill the crystal wolf ?
A :
Use the sonic tuner to break it. After you kill the wolf, move forward and meet Londie.

Author comments: After this conversation, you'll learn that the Cepheid has been forced to work in the mines. The high oxygen level weaks them. The only way to free them is to break the oxygen tanks. Hold your breath because you'll enter the mysterious but fascinating Cepheid Lair ........


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