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Level B: The Shack

Q : Where could I find Kit ?
A :
Go down to Level B through the elevator behind  Door B on Center Pit (look at this map to help you). Kit is held in an abandoned shack at the end of the tunnel.

Notes: You could collect another different ores called Rhessmite here.

Q : How could I cross this lava river ?
A :
You need a special boot. Go back to the Dark Tunnel at Center Pit. Get inside the elevator and go down. Move forward once and turn left. You’ll see a box here. Open it. Get the boots inside. Wear them and go back to Level B. Cross the river.

Q : How could I go down to the shack below ?
A :
You need a ladder to do that. Turn slightly to the right and use the ladder on the rock. Look at this picture to help you.

Q : What should I do here ?
A :
Take a peek through the crack on the shack. You’ll see Kit inside.

Q : How could I save her ?
A :
For now you can’t. Go back up and cross the lava river. Your PDA will be flashing. Check out Hunter’s message.

Q : Where could I find a phone to call Hunter ?
A :
Go to level A. On the Center Pit you’ll see a vidphone (look at this map to help you). Use Janous card to call Hunter. Dial 44. Listen to his plan carefully.

Q : What should I do now ?
A :
Go back again to the shack across the lava river. You’ll see O’Kale setting up a bomb on the shack. Oh no ....…. there’s no time to wait for Hunter. You should do something now.

Q : How could I help Kit ?
A :
Use the ladder on the rock and climb down. Get the iron cutter at the end of the path. Go back to the crack. Use the iron cutter to rip off the shack. Get inside. Use the handcuff key on Kit. It will open her cuff.

Q : O’Kale always kill me whenever I try to escape. What should I do ?
A :
Get the chair inside the shack. Use it to hit him. Watch how the shack gets blown up. Talk with Kit. Now you know why she came back. She loves Hunter.

The Explosion

Q : What should I do now ?
A :
Go back to Center Pit. You'll hear an announcement about the oxygen tanks have been repaired. Go back to Door A and enter. An android will try to shoot you.

Q : What should I do to overcome this android ?
A :
Use Monasoa rock to deflect the ray. It will destroy the android.

Q : What should I do with the oxygen tank ?
A :
This time you have to damage it once and for all. Use the wire cutter to cut the wire inside the panel. Then use the monkey wrench to turn the valve.

Q : What now ?
A :
Go out and meet the Cepheids. Give them the Itacha stone. Then go straight back to Kiashae chamber down in Level C. At the entrance you'll meet Gilly.

Q : What should I do with Gilly ?
A :
She is a shapeshifter. It turns out that Gilly, Grice, and the Cepheid that talk to your uncle are the same person. Read the article about Grice in your PDA. It will say that Grice has no background at all. That is strange. You got no choice now, just enter the Path of Light. It will hurt Gilly pretty bad.

You'll meet Londie and all the Cepheids down in Kiashae chamber. After the brief talk, get the Kiashae stone on the ground. Grice will show up. He'll ask for the stone.

Q : What should I do to kill this shapeshifter ?
A :
Don't give the stone when he ask it. Grice will turn to an alien form. This time, throw the Kiashae stone to it. It will kill the shapeshifter. It's up to you to pick up the stone again or not. Run for your life to the terminal. The planet will be exploded. Use the Path of Light on Level A (just in front of the elevator).

Author Final notes: There are two different endings in this game. When you reach the shuttle, Janous will appear on the shuttle door. It's up to you either to save him by push the 'Open' button or leave him die in the planet by pushing 'Lock' button. If you save him, he'll be prosecuted because of his crime. Read the news on your PDA and watch the ending movie.

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