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There was nothing about the starry sky that night to suggest that strange and mysterious things would soon be happening.


As unsuspecting Muggles slept, a huge motorbike with a Giant astride it tumbled down from the darkness.


The Giant, named Hagrid, left a blanket-wrapped bundle on the doorstep of number four Privet Drive. Nestled in the bundle was a baby... Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.


For the next eleven years Harry lived with his dreadful step-parents, the Dursleys.


Until that faithful day when he received the letter inviting him to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley; to purchase a most unusual list of school

supplies. While at Gringotts Wizard Bank, Hagrid collected a scruffy package from vault 713 mentioning to Harry that the package (whatever it was) would be safer at Hogwarts.

Soon after, Harry caught the Hogwarts Express from platform nine and three quarters and left the Muggle world far behind.


Dumbledore stood up: This term, the corridor on the third floor is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to suffer a most painful death.


Harry sat beneath the Sorting Hat hoping that he would not be chosen for Slytherin House over Gryffindor.

Not Slytherin, eh? Said the Hat in his ear. You could be great, it’s all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness.

No? Well, if you're sure, better be... Gryffindor.


The Game

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a wonderful and highly original game, and although being adapted from the WB Movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, the game leads a life of its own. It is the first in a series of Harry Potter games yet to appear.

This game is partly linear. Its settings are the Castle of Hogwarts and surroundings. Harry will be suggested to follow a certain sequence of actions by a number of fellow students at the School. In between these actions, Harry is free to explore the premises and discover all kinds of secrets.

The controls are simple and minimal and are thoroughly explained in the “options” selection of the menu. It would be advisable to check “auto jump” and “invert broom control”.

The designers of this game have divided it into 5 Levels which is not obvious. This can be found in the save folder of the installed game files. There is a way to obtain a selective list of the five Levels and all of their Sublevels. Whilst in the game, type



You won’t see the actual letters and you may try this a couple of times until you will hear a quiet click, which means the debug mode is turned on. Return to the start menu and you will get two extra options: “Level Select” and “Language”.

The latter option shows the conversation of the game actors but it is not the correct one. Click on “Level Select” and the Level menu will appear.

The Level Select Menu in Debug mode


The five Levels are called “Chapters” here. Each of the Sublevels may be selected and when clicked on, that Sublevel may be played. This is a “cheat” however, so if you really are looking forward to a challenging game, better refrain from the Debug mode. Turn the Debug mode off by pressing F7.

I have followed the enumeration of five Levels and the names of their Sublevels in this walkthrough.



Unlike other games where you have access to all of your saved games Harry Potter will only allow you the last save game. Therefore you will have to be prepared for that.

A save game will be automatically made at the beginning of a Sublevel, which is announced by a yellow screen.

The announcement of a Sublevel


The screen will tell you the name of the Sublevel and what your mission is, plus the amount of Wizard Cards to be discovered (see a next paragraph).

Also save games may be automatically made within a Sublevel when the game is being loaded. And finally you have an option to make your own save games by a Save Book. This is a floating ghost book: when Harry walks through one your game is saved.

Once again, remember that when a new save game has been made, your previous save game has been overwritten.

Whenever Harry faints (he is a Wizard and hence, Harry is immortal) you will start over from your one and only current save game. Therefore, it may also be stated that your game will be divided in a number of so-called “Save Blocks”.

I have numbered the save blocks between square brackets: [2.1] meaning Level 2, save block 1. The first sentence of a save block is written in a different color to emphasize on the position of the save block.

Whenever a new save game is being made, the walkthrough will inform you thus. Keep an eye on the save blocks! This is the only tricky thing in the Harry Potter game!

Besides the Debug mode in which a number of save games are accessible by default (it won’t be your own game!) there is a way to classify all of the save blocks such that they are all accessible (in you own game!).

You will have to make a folder containing all of the save blocks and copy the files of your save folder each time you pass a save block. This will require some experience though with handling folders and files in your Windows Explorer. A detailed description is available on request. E-mail to [email protected]



Throughout the game you will find shattered Beans that you must collect for trading certain items. Walk into one and it will be added to your inventory. Check the menu regularly (ESC). Try to gather as many as possible!



As a side mission – or rather as a game within this game – you have the option to collecting 24 hidden Cards with the image of a famous historical Wizard or Witch. These Cards are hidden in various places, or you may trade them for a number of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans on certain occasions. Collecting the Wizards Cards is fun! When you have found all 24, an extra Bonus will be yours!

The exact location of each Wizard Card will be provided in the walkthrough and an extra Chapter – the Appendix – will list the Cards and the save blocks where they are obtained.

Moreover, the description of a Wizard Card in the walkthrough is set in a different color.

And now, let’s play the game!

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