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Flipendo Challenge

Flying Lesson

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Level 1: First Spells 

Hogwarts Main Entrance

Attend Defence Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Quirrell, located on the third floor.

Find 1 secret Wizard Card.

[1.1] The students come running out of the Great Hall and Harry Potter meets Albus Dumbledore by the foot of the Monumental Staircase of Hogwarts’ Entrance Hall.

Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Albus Dumbledore, your Headmaster.

Harry meets Albus Dumbledore


Now, Hogwarts is full of secrets, Harry, so search behind every door. But keep in mind, not all secrets are rewarding.

Only this morning I took a wrong turn and stumbled upon a room full of Chocolate Frogs. But alas, when I returned, they’d been replaced by a nasty hord of Fire Crabs.

Now, up to the stairs and off to your lessons. Don’t be late!

Go up the Stairs and Ron Weasley will run into Harry. Hey, Harry! Remember me, Ron Weasley?

Harry meets Ron Weasley (R)


My brothers Fred and George have something to show you. Follow me!

Follow Ron through the corridors and Harry will be introduced to his brothers, the twins Fred and George Weasley.

Hello Harry. We can show you how to get around Hogwarts.

Harry is introduced to Fred (F) and George (G)


As a first-year, you have a lot to learn. Follow us for a secret lesson.

Ron says good-bye: I’ll see you later in Defence Against the Dark Arts class. Good luck, Harry.

A secret revolving door behind the Witch statue opens and Harry follows the twins inside. A small tutorial lesson is given by them: We’re going to teach you how to climb. Run to the bookcase and don’t stop. You’ll climb up.

Above the bookcase is a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Bean. Collect all the Beans you can find and meet us in the next room.

Instructions by Fred and George


Proceed to the bookcase and Harry will automatically climb up. Take the Bean and turn right.

Follow the path of Beans until you arrive at a room where you’ll hear a vicious laughter. Fred and George are waiting here for Harry: Well done. Now let’s try jumping.

Run to the ledge, then press the Jump button to jump across. Meet us in the next room. We’ll take the shortcut and meet you there.

Now you’ll learn how to jump. However, if you have checked “auto jump” in the menu, don’t bother with the jump button. Just run to the edge and Harry will automatically jump.

Jumping lesson

Your exit when you fall down


Jump from bookcase to bookcase and grab all of the Beans. If you fall down, you can climb back up and start over from the position of the twins.

Jump straight – straight – right.

When you’ll jump to the third bookcase, meet Peeves, the Poltergeist. He’s always causing trouble.

Harry crosses the path of Peeves


Peeves doesn’t like first-years, so watch your step. When Peeves hits Harry, he’ll loose some of his stamina, which you’ll notice on Harry’s lightning meter in the upper left corner. If the meter goes empty Harry will faint and you’ll have to start allover from the save point in this block.

Peeves will keep on babbling and laughing, so go on with collecting all of the Beans and try to avoid physical contact with him.

Jump further left – right and now you’re on the balcony. Turn around the corner, make a few straight jumps until you’re in the next room and meet the twins again: You’re getting the hang of this. In Hogwarts, you’ll meet all sorts of wicked treats. To pick up a treat, just run over to it. Chocolate Frogs boost your energy. Bertie Bott’s Every flavor Beans are fun to collect! We’re collecting them too! We need 25 Beans Harry, come back when you’ve got them all. Come see us and we’ll show you the way to class!

Follow the track of Beans on the floor and climb the ledges left and right and don’t forget the Beans that are hidden behind the pillars.

Climb the bookcase at the end and grab your first ever Chocolate Frog to increase Harry’s stamina.

Harry captures his first Chocolate Frog


Jump to the bookcases left and right and collect some more Beans.

You should have gathered 29 Bertie Bott’s Beans by now. Go meet the twins again.

Thanks Harry! We couldn’t have done it without you!  (Now aren’t they polite guys?) We need the Beans for some, ahem, experiments. Here’s a Wizard Card for you. You’ve earned it!

Harry gets his first ever Wizard Card #101: Albus Dumbledore, ????-present, Current Headmaster at Hogwarts, considered the greatest Wizard of modern times.

Harry acquires his first Wizard Card


To view the Card press ESC and click on Folio Magi. Click on the card to view an enlargement in the middle pentagon of the screen.

Viewing the first Wizard Card


A door above the bookcase with the Choc Frog is sliding open: Climb through the secret exit above the bookcases to get to your first Spell lesson. Good luck! You’d better get going or you’ll be late for your first lesson.

The secret exit


Take the staircase to the left and meet Draco Malfoy for the first time in a cut scene: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the famous Harry Potter. I’m Draco Malfoy, and you’d do well to show me some respect! These are my fellow Slytherins, Crabbe and Goyle.

Harry meets Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle


Naturally, we Slytherins are going to win the House Cup and the Quidditch Cup. You’d better stay out of our way, Potter. Let’s go, boys.

Before following them walk around the banisters and meet... Argus filch, the Housekeeper with a dislike to Harry: Move along, Potter. Keep away from this corridor if you know what’s good for you.

Harry gets acquainted with Argus filch


You’ll see a girl waiting by the door. That’s Hermione Granger: Hello, Harry. It’s me, Hermione Granger. We met on the Hogwarts Express, remember?

Harry makes friends with Hermione Granger


Defence Against the Dark Arts is through this door. Follow me.

Follow Hermione and you’ll meet Professor Quirrell: I am P-P-Professor Quirrell. T-t-today we’ll learn how to p-p-protect ourselves against D-D-Dark Magic with the Flipendo Spell.

Prof. Quirrell draws a spiral sign in the air: Watch my wand. Then, hold down the left mouse b-button and repeat the p-pattern. Release the b-button when you’re done.

Try to follow Prof. Quirrell’s pattern


It’s not that easy at all. Try to stay within the boundaries of the sign. Rather d-disappointing, b-but at least you t-t-tried.

Try again, you can do it up to four times, and earn some points for Gryffindor: You c-can do this, Mr. P-Potter. K-k-keep trying.

Your grade should pass the percentage mark mentioned below to earn some points. That’s not the shape I expected, Mr. P-Potter. Or: That was spot on, Mr. P-Potter. And: A respectable effort b-but not q-quite c-c-correct. Or how about: That was a shaky effort, Mr. P-Potter.

Your first round will start with mark 50%. If you pass the mark you’ll get 5 points.

The House with the most p-p-points at the end of the year wins the House C-C-Cup! And again, Mr.P-Potter. Let’s see what you can do.

Your next round will have mark 65 %. Pass the test and earn 10 points.

Third round: more than 80 % for 15 points and last round over 90% for 20 points.

So, if you pass all four tests with splendor you’ll earn  5 + 10 + 15 + 20 = 50 points altogether.

But if you fail one of the tests prof. Quirrell may or may not interrupt the exam, you never know.

Whatever, eventually you’ll master the Flipendo Spell anyway but you may not have earned a maximum of 50 house points:

Splendid! You may now enter the Flipendo Challenge to p-p-practice the spell. Follow me, Mr. P-Potter.

Let's follow Harry into the

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