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Level 2: Outside Hogwarts


Hogwarts Grounds

Attend the Herbology class with Professor Sprout in the Greenhouse.

Find 2 secret Wizard Cards. Find 7 Secret Areas.


[2.1] Harry leaves the Entrance Hall of castle Hogwarts and meets the motorcycle Giant who dropped him at his foster parents’ house when he was a baby.

Harry! Over here!


Hello, Harry, it’s me, Hagrid! Good to see yeh! These are the Hogwarts castle grounds an’ I’m the gamekeeper, o’ course.

Can’t believe how quickly everythin’ grows ‘round here. Yer friend Hermione is at the entrance to the Greenhouse waiting for yeh. Drop round fer tea later, after yer lessons are done.

Obviously Hagrid has a warm heart for Harry!

Cast Alohomora on the water fountain and it will move forward, unveiling a Secret Courtyard with a chest. If you cast Alohomora on the fountain again it will retreat.

Should you bump into Hagrid once again he’ll have some nice one-liners for Harry: Yeh better get to yer Herbology lesson. Cost yeh House points if yer tardy, don’t yeh know. Yeh’ll need ter attend yer Herbology class. Professor Sprout’s in the Greenhouse waitin’ fer yeh. I’ve got ter trim these weeds, they never stop growin’.

Is that Irish accent, or what?

Cast Alohomora on the chest inside and obtain a set of Beans and a Choc Frog.

Cast Alohomora on the fountain

...and on the chest!


Go out and turn right where you’ll spot a guy guarding a sealed door: Off to your lesson, Potter. You’re not allowed in here, Potter. Get to your lessons.

Turn around and follow the path left. Where the path splits you may decide to explore the left side under the bridge. You’ll see a guy guarding a portal. He’s got three things to say:

Go to your lessons, Potter. You don’t even know how to play Quidditch. Stick to your flying lessons, Potter, and maybe one day you’ll make the Quidditch team. The Quidditch pitch if off limits to you, Potter. Go away.

So, that’s it: the entrance to the Quidditch pitch! Hmm... sounds promising.

But for now, backtrack and meet Hermione: The Herbology lesson is just past Professor Sprout’s garden. I’ll wait here for Neville. I think he’s lost again. Go on, Harry, you’d better get to the lesson.

One thing is quite sure now: you’ve got to go to the Herbology class, understand? Enter the archway. Here you’ll notice three arches.

The three arches


Enter the courtyard (not by the red door) and cast Flipendo on the statue of the Dragon. You can cast Flipendo on that Dragon forever, but only the first four Spells will extract some BB Beans.

Four times Flipendo on the Dragon


Go out and continue through the arch with the red door. Harry is entering an arcade and the red door will close behind his back. At the end you’ll notice a Gargoyle face spitting water. Nice picture.

Follow left under the first arcade and turn left. Cast Alohomora on the chest and obtain some Beans and a Choc Frog.

Alohomora on the chest in the corner


Now here’s a fine labyrinth where you are introduced to a lovely kind of pet: the Giant Orange Snail! These fellows secrete a yellow track of acid slime. Avoid contact with them or their slimes, or Harry will loose some of his precious stamina. Ouch!

There are two entrances to the first alley where two Orange busters are patrolling. Stand on the first wooden bridge, wait for one to pass by and cast Flipendo on the Snail to temporarily stun it. Turn left and cast Flipendo at the switch on the wall.

Flipendo onto the switch


Turn around and stun the Snail again should the bugger wake up. Pass it and stun the second Snail also with Flipendo. Pass it, grab a Choc Frog and cast Flipendo on the wall switch. That will open the gate to the second alley.

There are two other Orange Snails here.  Stun each of them with Flipendo and cast Flipendo at the switches on the wall. When hungry, there’s another Choc Frog to eat.

The entrance to the third alley will open, and you’ll just have to repeat all the same things here: two Snails to stun and two switches to charm with Flipendo.

As a result, you can then enter the opposite arcade. There’s a Choc Frog on your left in the alley. At the far left end of the second arcade you’ll find a save book. Save the game.


[2.2] Leave the arcade and enter the gardens.

In the dark alley you’ll find a chest on your left. Open it with the Alohomora Spell and extract some Beans and another Choc Frog. Turn around, run to the other side and enter left. Now here you’ll be introduced to another vicious kind of enemy: a Poisonous Tentacula!

Alas, there’s no Magic spells against these carnivorous plants for the time being! Approach and pass them fast when they just have tried to attack.

Pass two Tentaculas, grab a Bean and find a chest on your right. Alohomora will get you four Beans out of that. Pass the third Tentacula and you’ll see three wrought iron arches.

Three arches


Take the left arch and meet a Dragon statue. Cast Alohomora on the statue. It will turn through a quarter circle and left of it a Secret Entrance will open. Go inside and enter a courtyard on your right with another Dragon statue.

Cast Flipendo on the Dragon.


The Statue will now revolve through a full circle. Cast Flipendo again. It will turn around again and provide Harry a lot of BB Beans. Grab all of the beans and leave through the arch and follow the alley on your right. There are three Tentaculas on your right side. Pass the first two, grab a Bean and open the chest on your right side with Alohomora.  

Take five Beans and pass the third Tentacula. Now there’s another Dragon statue on your right. Cast your Spell on it and the statue will rotate, opening up a Secret Area.

The Secret Entrance


Enter. You can go left or right around the corner. Open the chest with Alohomora. Take out a Choc Frog and a Bean. Then, turn around and notice a brown pad under the middle of the hedge. In fact this pad is the end of a gravel path sticking out from the other side of the hedges. Keep an eye on those pads in this sublevel. They indicate an accessible Secret Area. Cast Alohomora on the hedge section above the pad.

Alohomora on this hedge

...opens another Secret Garden


Run in fast as the doors will soon close again. If so, cast Alohomora on the hedge again. Standing on the bridge, cast Alohomora on the next hedge section above the path of gravel. That will open the last Secret Area of the gardens.

Alohomora on this hedge...

...and meet the Gnomes!


In the last area of the Secret Garden you’ll meet a Dragon Statue and three Gnomes. Stun each of them Gnomes with Flipendo. Open the two Chests with Alohomora and get a lot of Beans and a Choc Frog.

Cast Alohomora on the hedges again (where Harry came through) and exit this Secret Area. Turn right, under the wrought iron arcade and immediately turn left. Pass two Tentaculas on your right side. This is a tricky move!

You’ll enter a courtyard with a Wingardium Leviosa statue. Charm the statue and move it onto the waterfall. Then, a cinematic will show you how a wrought iron door opens.

Maneuver the statue onto the fountain

...and the third door on this picture will turn open


You may now proceed to the door and exit. But in that case, you’re going to miss a number of Secret Areas! However, keep that door in mind.

Turn left and cast Alohomora on the hedge section above the brown pad. That will open a new alley with some Tentaculas.

Alohomora on the hedge

...opens a new alley


Pass the first Tentacula and grab a stunning Bean on your right. Turn right and notice a hidden chest.

A hidden chest


Cast Alohomora on the chest and receive some Beans and a Choc Frog. Harry is getting almost invincible thanks to all of those Frogs!

Now pass the second Tentacula. Here you’ll see another Dragon statue standing next to a Tentacula.

The statue and the Tentacula


Notice the brown pad under the hedge, on the right side of this Tentacula. Cast Alohomora on the hedge.

Alohomora on the hedge

...and again, another alley is unveiled


Pass the Tentacula and grab the Bean. Beware of the second Tentacula in front of Harry! Left of it you’ll notice another brown pad under the hedge. Cast Alohomora.

Alohomora on the hedge


In the next Secret Area you’ll find a chest to open with Alohomora. Get several Beans out of it. Turn left in the small alley and go till the end. The hedge door opens and you’ll meet the previous Dragon statue again.

Back at the Dragon statue


Cast Alohomora in front of the statue.



A door opens behind the statue. Enter this Secret Area.

A new Secret Area


Take the Bean under the arcade and enter the courtyard with four water basins and another Dragon statue. Go stand in front of the statue and cast Flipendo on it. You’ll be rewarded with Beans.

Flipendo on the Dragon statue


Leave this area, past the previous statue, turn left and pass that Tentacula once again. In front of the second Tentacula (where Harry casted Alohomora on the hedge left of it), turn right and follow the alley. You’ll have to pass one more Tentacula on your left side, grab a Bean and you’ll arrive by the door that opened up a while ago in that small cut scene.

Enter and turn left in front of the Tentacula. Careful here. Quickly sneak to your left where there is a Choc Frog in the alcove – if you need one.

Go out through that door again. Now enter the arcades. Harry will find the Greenhouse behind the second arcade.

The Greenhouse!


Open the chest left of the Greenhouse with Alohomora and augment your stack of Beans. As soon as Harry is nearing the Greenhouse entrance, Fred and George appear out of a secret entrance in the grass floor: Hey, Harry! Have you collected 25 Beans? Thanks for helping us out, Harry. Here’s a Wizard Card, then. Hope you haven’t this one, yet. Come on, George. We’ve got work to do.

The twins leave a Wizard Card behind


Take your Wizard Card #’41: Godric Gryffindor, Medieval Wizard, dates unknown. Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave his name to one of the four Hogwarts Houses.

Go to the right side of the Greenhouse and notice the familiar brown pad under the narrow hedge section. Cast Alohomora at the hedge.

Alohomora at the hedge on the right side of the Greenhouse


Enter this Secret Area all around the Greenhouse and arrive at two Dragon statues on the other side. Cast Alohomora onto each statue and a Wizard Card will appear in the middle of them.

A Wizard Card!


Earn the Wizard Card #2: Cornelius Agrippa, 1486-1535. Celebrated Wizard imprisoned by Muggles for his writings.

Return all the way around the Greenhouse to the entrance of it. The doors will open, enter the building...

Let's follow Harry into the

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