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Hogwarts Main Entrance/Corridor to the Girl's Toilet (Troll)

Quidditch Match: Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw

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Level 3:

The Dungeons


Hogwarts Main Entrance


Attend Defence Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Quirrell, located on the third floor landing.

Find 1 secret Wizard Card. Find 4 Secret Areas.

[3.1] Harry enters the Entrance Hall of Hogwarts and meets Hermione:

Congratulations again for winning the Quidditch match against Slytherin! You were fantastic! Something is troubling me, Harry.

Ron and I heard strange noises outside the forbidden corridor. Come up to the third floor and have a look.

Walk up the Monumental Staircase and follow right. Turn left around the corner by the statue and ascend the stairs. About halfway on the blue carpet turn right and go up the stairs to the floor where Harry had fought Peeves the last time.

As soon as you’ll enter the large Hall, you’ll watch Fred and Ron running into an open door. Stand on the central red carpet and observe the Hall. All doors are open now and you can explore this entire floor for Secret Areas and Chests.

You can also walk up to fellow students and they’ll say something to Harry, but not always that nice. But first turn around and cast Flipendo on each of the blue jars for some Beans.

Now turn around again and follow straight ahead to where you just saw the Twins disappearing. Smash the green and the blue jar with Flipendo and grab the Bean from the blue jar.

Approach the doors and they will open for Harry. Enter the room with the fireplace and turn right to the three cabinets.

Cast Alohomora on the middle cabinet


It will lower in the floor and release a Flipendo switch. Flipendo on that switch will open a Secret Hatch in the wall behind Harry’s back.

A hatch to a Secret Room


Enter the Secret Room and open the chest with Alohomora for a number of Beans.

Now leave here, approach the fireplace and Fred and George will appear out of that: Hey, Harry! Have you collected 25 Beans?

Approach Fred: Thanks Harry, we really needed these. They’re for a little joke we’re playing on Slytherin.

Here’s a Wizard Card for you. You’ve earned it!


Receive your Wizard Card #69: Bertie Bott, 1935-present. Inventor of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

Go out of the room with the fireplace and turn right where Harry may open a chest with Alohomora. It will get Harry some extra Beans.

Turn around and follow the corridor to a room with a tin armor and a Save Book. Walk down the stairs in the corner and enter the central part of the room.

Cast Alohomora on the armor...

...and enter a Secret Room.


Open the chest with Alohomora to increase Harry’s amount of BB Beans and continue right. Go down the stairs and on your left. Be prepared to enter a Secret Parlor on your right with 5 Gnomes! First knock the Gnomes on their back one by one with Flipendo.

Careful with these Gnomes


Cast Alohomora on the chest and take out a whole lot of Beans. There isn’t much else to do here, so leave this entire Secret Area.

Go out by the armor in front of the Save Book, but don’t save yet. Follow the stairs on your left side and turn left. Knock a blue jar to pieces with Flipendo.

Take the stairs on your left


Now turn around and follow the corridor. Open the chest on your left side with Alohomora and retrieve some Beans. Past the chest enter a kind of Pharmacy on your left. Immediately to your right, cast Alohomora on the cabinet with the shelves.

Alohomora on these shelves


Inside this Secret Room stands a chest with some Beans. Open with Alohomora. Proceed to the next Pharmacy room. There is a red carpet in front of a cabinet. Cast Alohomora on the cabinet to unveil a Flipendo switch.

Alohomora on this cabinet


Standing on the carpet, cast Flipendo at the switch. Harry will go down to a Secret Lower Floor and end up facing a chest.

Ride the carpet down


Open with Alohomora and grab the Beans. Turn around and cast Flipendo on the wall switch. Harry will go up again. Leave both rooms of the Pharmacy. Follow left and right and you’ll be back in the main Hall.

Continue straight on. In the next room cast Alohomora at the chest on your left sidefor some more Beans. Continue to the next room and knock over two cauldrons with Flipendo. More Beans!

Return to the main Hall; continue past the Pharmacy to the room with the tin armor and the Save Book. Now is a good time to save.


[3.2] Pass the girl and walk up the stairs to the third floor.


It’s a long climb so keep running upward. When Harry finally reaches the third floor, he’ll watch Professor Snape coming out of the forbidden corridor and entering a Secret Door.

Ron and later also Hermione come join Harry. Ron: Wow, did you see that? Professor Snape just came out of the forbidden corridor! He’s limping quite badly! Come on Harry, let’s take a look before Filch comes back.

Ron and Harry listen by the entrance to the forbidden corridor: Hear that growling? I think there’s something awful down the corridor.

Hermione enters the scene: Better tell me on the run... we’ll be late for our Defence Against Dark Arts lesson!

Go inside and meet Prof. Quirrell a second time: T-t-today we’ll learn t-to illuminate D-D-Dark Magic with the Lumos Spell.

Quirell tells all the same things like in Flipendo class: Watch my wand. Then, hold down the mouse b-button and repeat the p-pattern. Release the b-button when you’re done.

The Lumos pattern


Like always you’ll get 4 rounds and the grade increases with each round: 50%, 65%, 80% and 95%. Earn respectively 5, 10, 15 and 20 points for Gryffindor.

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