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Sneak up to the Tower

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Level 4:

Tower and Library


Sneak up to the Tower


Use the Invisibility Cloak to avoid Filch and meet Ronís brother Charlie.

Find 1 secret Wizard Card. Find 1 Secret Area.


[4.1] With Norbert safely bundled up, Harry set off for the tallest tower. He hoped that the cloak would conceal him from Filch and his cat, Mrs. Norris.

Harry runs through a door behind Argus Filch who is carrying a petrol torch. He turns around: Eh? Whassat!

Follow Filch but make sure you stay out of reach of his torch light or he will catch Harry!

Turn left behind the corner. Filch will take the left side of the central bookcase. Youíd better take the right side, run to the end and walk up a small staircase of three steps around the corner left. From there, cast Alohomora on the opposite door and open it. Promptly Filch will come running in.

Harry is safe on high


First climb the bookcase and jump from case to case grabbing a couple of Beans.

Then, return to this spot and make sure Filch is walking in the opposite direction. Jump down and leave through the door youíve just opened. On your left there is a Save Book.

A save Book on your left


Wait a few seconds and turn right, run up the staircase. In a cut scene youíll watch Filch leaving this area through a secret door. The door you just ran through closes now. Turn around and go save by that Book.


[4.2] Run up the stairs and open the door with Alohomora.

Enter and past the corner left youíll see Filch patrolling again in the upper part of the Library. Youíll also notice a Flipendo switch. Wait for Filch to turn right and run to the alcove between two bookcases where the switch is.

Donít cast Flipendo yet but turn around and watch Filch going up and down. By the opposite bookcase there is a staircase with three steps, similar to the one you just saw downstairs. Now charm that Flipendo switch.

In a cinematic you will see how a door unlocks. Immediately Filch will run to the door and say: Iíll catch you, and when I do, youíll regret it.

Meantime youíve also noticed that the door is at the other end of the Library. As soon as you control Harry after the cinematic, run to the stairs and climb up to the bookcase. Take the two Beans. On the far corner of the bookcase turn right and look down. In front of Harry you can distinguish a Flipendo switch in the dark. Cast Flipendo and the door will now fully open. Once again, Filch will angrily run to the door and keep on cursing.

First jump to the other bookcases and grab more Beans. Stand on the last bookcase and from here watch Filch going backward. Jump safely down and leave by the door.

Go left and youíll find your next Save Book. Run to it and youíll watch Filch disappearing once again by a secret door. Save.


[4.3] Turn right and cast Alohomora on the door to open it.

Harry enters another room of the Library. Filch is patrolling on the blue carpet. There is a Flipendo switch in the corner on the right, but leave that for the time being. Always aware of Filch turn left and follow the blue carpet till youíll find an alcove on your left with a door and a lock. Open it with Alohomora.

Quickly run inside the room and youíll hear Filch laughing behind you. But he wonít follow in. When he has left, cast Flipendo on the wall switch. That will open a grilled door higher up.

Now how can I get up there? , says Harry.

Go out this room and return to the Flipendo switch you just saw in the corner. Now cast Flipendo (from a distance) and the bookcase will fall down forming a ramp to the top of the cases.

A ramp to the top of the bookcases


Quickly jump on that ramp before Filch catches you (heíll come running to this spot) and walk up. Jump from bookcase to bookcase and catch the Beans.

Harry can reach the entrance you just saw. Go inside and cast Flipendo at the switch on your left, which will open a door downstairs.

Flipendo on this switch


Immediately Filch will run to that spot, so you can see where it is located. There is a door with a lock in the unveiled small room.

Thatís Harryís next destination!


Go out here and jump back to the opposite bookshelf. Standing at the corner of the bookshelf turn left and from there cast Alohomora on the door in the alcove.

Alohomora on top of the bookcase


When Filch has gone jump down and cast Flipendo on the switch inside the new room. That will open another grille upstairs.

Return to the ramp and ascend. Find your way to the new area and enter. On your right there is a Flipendo switch and on your left there is a grille preventing access to a Gargoyle.

Cast Flipendo on the switch and an exit door will open downstairs to a second room. Go down through that door and on your right enter a third room with a Flipendo switch. Cast Flipendo on the switch and the Gargoyle upstairs will become accessible.

Go up to the Gargoyle and cast Lumos. That will charm a staircase of three Magic Clouds in the second room.

Three Magic Clouds are charmed


Jump and climb from Cloud to Cloud and up to the balcony. Take a Bean.

Look down and observe a Flipendo switch in the fourth room. Jump down; there is also a Gargoyle in a niche. Cast Flipendo on the switch which will open one door and close another, whilst Filch will disappear again through a secret door.

Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. Now itís becoming really weird. Youíll see a number of Magic Clouds and another area with a Gargoyle. Go out this niche and turn right into a new room with three Magic Clouds.

Jump from Cloud to cloud and up to the balcony. Go to the other side, where there are three more Magic clouds in the air. Jump from Cloud to Cloud to a higher balcony and grab a Bean.

Cross the balcony and youíll see a Magic cloud. Jump from there to a higher balcony. There is an alcove with a Gargoyle, the one you just saw in a cut scene.

Cast Lumos on him and that will charm one more Magic cloud in the previous area. Return to the previous balcony and jump to the Cloud, and from there to a new balcony. Cross the balcony and jump to another Cloud and from there to the next balcony.

Take a Bean and turn left. Here are two Magic clouds. Look down and youíll notice a chest under a bright stained glass window. Jump to the first Cloud.

From the first Cloud youíll notice the chest down below


Jump all the way down. In this corridor youíll find a Flipendo switch on one side and a chest on the other. Cast Alohomora on the chest and acquire your Wizard Card #72: Helga Hufflepuff, Medieval Wizard, dates unknown. Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four Hogwarts houses.

The chest contains a Wizard Card


Turn around and cast Flipendo on the switch. That will open the door on your right side. Harry is back in the lower room with the Gargoyle. Go left and ascend the staircase of three Magic clouds once again.

Jump to the balcony and cross it. On the other side there are your three other Magic Clouds. Jump from there to the balcony. Now turn around and jump to the next higher Magic Cloud. From here jump to the balcony on your right. Turn left and now Harry is back in front of the two Clouds where he jumped down to the chest a while ago.

Jump from Cloud to Cloud to the next balcony. On your right cast Alohomora on the door with the lock and open it.

Here is your next Save Book.


[4.4] Turn left and go to the balcony.

Youíll find a staircase of Magic Clouds.

Another Magic Staircase


Jump from Cloud to Cloud and from the 6th and highest Cloud youíll see Flich patrolling with his oil lamp once again.

Filch keeps following Harry


Jump to the ledge when the coast is clear and promptly proceed to the room in front of Harry. Cast Flipendo at the sign on your right.

That will let the bridge rotate through a quarter circle. Filch runs to the opposite side: Díyou think Iím blind? Iím not letting anyone into that tower tonight!

Go out and walk to the top of the bridge. A cut scene will give you a view of two jars on the right side. One of the jars breaks into pieces and... Peeves emerges!

Damned Peeves again!


Promptly Filch runs to Peeves: Peeves, youíll be banished for this!

From the top of the bridge our clever friend Harry Potter observes this event: That could come in handy if I have to distract Filch along the way.

Still standing on this position, cast Flipendo at a jar on Harryís left side. Filch will run to that spot and now Harry can run up the spiral staircase to the tower.

The high tower


Ronís brother, Charlie, had arranged to collect the Dragon from the tower and return him to Romania.

Hagridís Dragon is returning to Romania


Up to the next sublevel...

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