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Level 5:

The Philosopher’s Stone


The Forbidden Corridor


Stop Snape from stealing the Philosopher’s Stone.

Find 1 secret Wizard Card.


[5.1] Hermione, Ron and Harry researched the Secret of the Philosopher’s Stone: it could produce the Elixir of Life, a potion that would make anyone immortal.

No wonder someone’s trying to get it! Anyone would want it, said Harry.

Hermione suspected that the package Hagrid had taken from Gringotts contained the Philosopher’s Stone. It was the Philosopher’s Stone that was down the forbidden corridor, being guarded by whatever it was that had growled at them!

Harry, Ron and Hermione are deliberating


A few minutes later our three friends are gathering at the Gryffindor Common Room: Snape’s been acting very suspicious lately. He may be planning to steel the Philosopher’s Stone, said Hermione.

Ron: But there’s no way Snape would try anything while Dumbledore’s around.

Hermione: But Dumbledore left ten minutes ago for the Ministry of Magic in London!

That must mean that tonight’s the night! Let’s go!


The three leave by the Lady Portrait’s door and Hermione wonders: What about Filch? He’s always watching the forbidden corridor.

Ron: We’ll just have to take our chances then!

They’re running up the stairs to the entrance of the forbidden corridor: Phew! It looks like Filch is somewhere else tonight.

They open the grilled door: Come on, let’s go!

Just behind the corner left, Harry finds his Save Book.


[5.2] Open the chest on your right with Alohomora and get two Chocolate Frogs.

But the chest also contains an invaluable treasure: your Wizard Card #83: Roderick Plumpton, 1889-1987, Seeker for England’s Quidditch Team. Holds British record for fastest capture of Snitch during game: three and a half seconds.

This chest contains some goodies


This is Harry’s 24th Wizard Card. To unlock the secret Wizard Card: get 250 Bertie Bott’s Beans, then defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Wonder who that might be?

Continue in the dark corridor. Ron and Hermione will call you: This way, Harry!

Follow left around the corner. The others are waiting in front of a gate.

Hermione: I think that is where the growling has been coming from!

Ron: Hear that? I don’t think we should go in there!

Hermione: But we’ve got to stop Snape! Go on Harry. We’re right behind you.

The door is opening... brrr


They’ll meet a giant dog with three heads like Cerberus! Only Hagrid would call this monster Fluffy!

Harry remembers the flute he got from Hagrid: I’ll try the flute. That might put Fluffy to sleep for a while.

Harry tries the flute on Fluffy


This is a tricky experiment. You’ll have to run from one head to another, and quite close – otherwise the flute would not produce a single tone. When a dog’s head is opening its mouth, quickly retreat to not get hurt. Keep playing till all heads are sleepy and the monster will fall down. A hatch will open now on the spot where the monster was standing.

A hatch opens


You want to go first, Hermione? Says Ron.

No, I don’t!

Ron: Right, see you in a minute, I hope. It’s okay, it’s a soft landing. You can jump! Come on, Harry!

Harry jumps in... your game will be saved.


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