Phantom Menace Walkthrough: Level 7

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Walkthrough

Level 7: Mos Espa Arena
Mission: Find Jabba; Find Watto; Find Anakin

Weapons are pretty scarce on this level, and there are 2 boss monsters you have to fight. If you did not carry over any weapons from the previous level, the secret areas at the beginning of this level are critical to finishing the game (unless you're a whiz with your saber).

Don't enter the Arena gates just yet. From your starting position, go all the way left. You'll find some thugs up against a wall and near a round building. Kill them. To your left, there is an opening in the canyon wall. Follow it, and you'll be led to a sandcrawler. Jump up and kill any sand people inside. The room to your left will have a small health pack. The room to the right (use the control panel) has an R2 unit and a blaster. Let the R2 unit out, and get the blaster. Make sure you protect the R2 unit, because there may (he doesn't always show up) be a Tusken Raider on the cliff ledge as you're leaving the sandcrawler. It'll shoot at R2. So get in front of the R2 unit when you first let him out if you have to, head towards the exit, shoot or force push the Raider, let R2 down the ramp, and then return for your blaster powerup.

Exit back to the arena entrance area (but don't go in) and this time go to your right. There is a little round building with a locked door. Find the R2 unit (he should be in the area if he wasn't destroyed) and coax him towards the door and eventually he should open it. Inside are 5 flash grenades.

Go back past the gates again, around the green beastie, and in one of the corners is a merchant (Grendle) selling "chokie." You must choose the following dialog options, in this specific order, to get the thermal detonator. First, ask him how dried chokie is made, and whether he sells anything else. Ask about the thermal detonator, say you're a farmer, and when he asks, say that you're helping a farmer friend. He will direct you to another merchant.

Go inside towards the entrace of the arena. To the left is the dweezel and pallie merchant (Anabar). Talk to him. Ask him if he sells anything else, then ask about the thermal detonator. You will have to use a jedi mind trick to make him take your republic credits.

When you're done, find the blue Twi'lek lady from the last level, she's right next to the gates. Talk to her and she'll lead you to Jabba. Follow her up the stairs. Do what she says and just follow the path. Eventually you'll find a room with a button. Before you press that button, save your game.

Once you push the button, you will be dropped into a pit. Walk towards the money (peggats), and Jabba will say some things via his translator droid. If you are relatively nice to Jabba, he may throw you a small health pack during the middle of the fight. This does not always happen though. End the conversation.

Now it's time to fight Jabba's Champion. What a nightmare! Don't use the thermal detonator or you'll hurt some spectators. And if that happens, you'll die very quickly from angry people after the fight is over. There are quite a few strategies to beating the Champ. The easist depends on you acting very quickly after you pick up the peggats. Get your saber out, and head over to the door that the monster comes out of. Stand there (don't walk on the spikes or you'll lose health) and when the monster comes out, hold down your attack key. The monster will try to push you back, but keep pushing the forward key and holding down your attack key. Trap him in the little door and don't let him get any further out. The combination of your saber whacks and the floor spikes will do great damage to him. You can kill the monster this way VERY easily and quickly, and not lose many (if any) health points. The red health bar for the monster may not show up if you choose to attack him this way, but he will still die if you are hitting him.

For other strategies, you may have to die several times, and observe the monster's movement. You can try the jump and slash, jump and slash technique with your saber. If you have any flash grenades (from the beginning of this level or carried over from the last level), you can try using force push, throw a grenade, and repeat that process until it's dead. Save your game.

If you need a save game to get past this area, download L7 Jabba's Champ or see the Cheats section for more info. The save game will bring you to this point of the walkthrough (immediately after the Champ has been killed).

Once he's dead, exit the room and you find yourself in a bar. You can go into Jabba's throne room if you want, but it's not necessary. If you talk to the blue Twi'lek girl a couple of times, she has a change in attitude towards you. Well, at least you can take pleasure in knowing that her station in life will never be above that of Jabba's dancing whore (which is a rather uncouth thing for a Jedi to think, so keep it to yourself). You can also have a quick chat with Jabba before you leave if you wish.

On the far side of the bar there's a group of podracer fans blocking the entrance into the arena stands. You can find a secret health pack if you leave the bar out of the only available exit. You'll see some merchants selling items, a few Jawas, and several steps. Keep going until you come to some stairs that have 2 ropes overhead. One rope is slightly lower than the other rope. This is a very tricky jump. You'll have to run and double jump to get on the first rope, and then jump again to get to the second higher rope.

Shimmy across to the left, and you'll eventually find yourself in a room with a locked door. There is no button to open it on this side. Immediately to your left is an open window. Carefully exit, and you'll find yourself on a balcony. To your right is another tricky jump. There's a tiny balcony (with a nice tile pattern) that you can jump onto. You'll have to run and double jump to get onto it. Inside the room, you'll find an alien man sleeping. Talk to him, tell him your Anakin's friend, and he'll open up a cabinet for you with a full health powerup.

Now go back to the bar and talk to Teemto (the drunk alien). Use your jedi mind trick to make him lead you to the human on the other side of the bar (across from the band). He's the guy from Watto's junkyard. There's a small health pack here, so use it if needed. Talk to the human, and he's not very helpful. Talk to Kreg, his hammerhead friend sitting next to him, who says the human is friendlier with a few drinks in him. Go to the bar. Make sure you're right up against it, and near the corner (I couldn't get the droid to talk to me unless I was near the corner). Wait for the bartender droid to initiate conversation with you, and then get a juri juice (you will not get a juri juice until Kreg tells you the human can be bribed with drinks). Take it to the human. Go back to the bar and get another drink for his friend.

The drunk human will now talk to you. He'll take you to Watto. When he says "wait here", don't wait. Follow him up the stairs and through the newly opened door. Keep going until you reach Watto on the balcony. Talk to Watto and place your bet.

Exit back to the bar. Go around the bar, past Jabba's throne room, and the arena stands that were previously blocked is now accessible. Go down to the bottom of the stairs. Jump over the wall into the arena, and go straight ahead to find Anakin in his podracer.

If you die (you shouldn't) then just take the long way around by going to the right, across the long bridge, up a hill, past a couple of domed buildings. At the second domed building is a guard who trades podracer parts. If you have a fuel convertor left over from the last level, you can try to trade it to him for a blaster (the guard will not be here anymore when you chase the thief up here). When done, go down the stairs. Go straight and you should find Anakin near his podracer.

Anakin yells at you that a thief just stole his ignition capacitor (if he doesn't, just run after the little blue creature that just took off). It will lead you near a spare parts yard with a full health against the far back wall, then into a trench with some sand people. Before you chase the thief any further, go to the end of the small trench and enter a dead end tunnel. You'll find another full health powerup. The "end" of the tunnel is actually a door. Open it with your "use" key (spacebar) and you'll find 5 flash grenades . Continue chasing the blue creature, he should be heading back towards Anakin. Follow him up the stairs, or just go up the stairs if you can't see him. At the top, go into the domed building. The creature is there (if he's not, go find him and chase him there), but it doesn't have the part you need. Don't bother killing him, you won't get it that way. Instead, move the block on the back wall.

There is a small health pack in the corner, and another small health pack in the pit. Be careful, because after you engage the boss man, guns may come up in the pit. Now would be a good time to save your game.

Now it's time to beat another boss monster. One strategy to beat him is to stand just barely in the doorway until you can just see the boss guy and start shooting. This is the best and quickest strategy. The thermal detonator you should have gotten at the beginning of the level will also come in handy here (just make sure you're as far away from the room as possible when it explodes). If you snatched the flash grenades from the end of the trench tunnel, use them. You can use other strategies (I did it the hard way) if you want to test your skills. If you're low on ammo or have already run out, this is the strategy I used (because I didn't have any other weapon left).

Use your saber and draw the boss man to one of the corners where a gun will come up out of the floor. Don't get too close to him or his personal shield will go up, and he can partially heal with the shields up. Whack the bossman, and when the gun comes up, you can just whack it because it's within reach right there. That way you don't have to run towards it and lose precious health from the boss shooting you in the back and the gun shooting you as you run towards it. After you destroy one gun, go to another corner where another gun will come up and draw the boss man to that and so on. You may have to die a few times to see which guns will pop up first, or to fine tune your strategy. The overhead saber twirl move may come in handy, if you're any good with it.

If you need a save game to get past this area, download L7 Boss Thief or see the Cheats section for more info. The save game will bring you to this point of the walkthrough, and you will have the ignition capacitor already in your inventory.

Grab the ignition capacitor off the floor when the boss is dead. Once you have the part, return it to Anakin who's in his podracer now, and talk to him to end the level.

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