Phantom Menace Walkthrough: Level 8

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Walkthrough

Level 8: Encounter in the Desert
Mission: Distract Darth Maul

You can't kill Darth Maul in this level (with the exception of a strange bug), so don't try. This can be a quick or painfully long level depending on your skill with the saber. There is not much to do here. Your main purpose is to distract Darth Maul while your crew tries to get themselves and the hyperdrive generator to the ship safely. If one of your crew dies or the hyperdrive generator is destroyed, the level ends. Now is a good time to start practicing your saber moves on Darth Maul, because you'll need to be good at it to beat him during the last level. Try some jump and slash, overhead saber, and saber twirl moves on him.

First, exit the city. Right outside the city are some probe droids that shoot at you. It's best to take these out before you go any further and come to Darth Maul, because it's very troublesome trying to fight Maul with these little buggers shooting at you at the same time. It's a bit hard to get these probes with your saber because they can fly high up. You can try to use force push to disable them temporarily, and then take them out with your blaster or saber.

You'll come to a mountain pass, and Darth Maul will cause a rockslide to block your path. Nothing but a saber will work on him, so don't waste your ammo. You need to injure him to about half way on his health bar, and then he'll run to the other side. There's a full health powerup in the landspeeder in the corner. Notice the big rocks on the ground? You can destroy them with your saber. If you try to run to the speeder for the health during the middle of battle, Darth Maul can use his force powers to smash your face with those rocks. So destroy them ahead of time. Once Darth is about halfway down on his health, he'll run away.

There is a small platform near the fallen rockslide that you can jump onto. Push a big rock out of the way to reveal an opening, and go through to the other side. Now would be a good time to save your game.

If you want to make short work of this level, at the beginning of the first battle you can completely ignore Maul and come to this rock and go through to the other side. Either way, the whole point is to delay Darth Maul while your crew and the generator get aboard the ship safely.

Here's part 2 of fighting Darth. When you first see Maul, don't walk towards him immediately. Try to let him come to you, so he passes the hyperdrive generator on his way to you. You may have to walk a little bit forward to lure him to you. You don't want to battle him too near the hypderdrive, because he'd rather take a couple of pot shots at the generator. Once the hypderdrive or one of your crew is destroyed, the level will end.

After he comes to you, try to keep yourself between the ship and Darth. Use force push to keep him away from the hyperdrive. There's a full health near the ship if you need it, although if you try to run for it, Darth may try to run for the generator and your crew. Try not to stray too far from the ship, in one corner are some nasty sand people.

You only need to distract Maul for a couple of minutes. After enough time has passed, go towards the ship and the level should automatically end. If you are already near enough to the ship when you are fighting Maul, the level will end when everyone is safely aboard.

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