Phantom Menace Walkthrough: Level 9

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Walkthrough

Level 9: Coruscant
Mission: Find Senate Chambers, Protect/Rescue the Queen

In this level you play Captain Panaka. I didn't particularly like this level because Panaka and the Queen are both weak characters to play (I miss my saber!). The R-65 Heavy blaster is interesting though, because the shots can bounce off walls. You need to protect the Queen in this level, so remember to check up on her if she's behind you somewhere.

You start the level on a floating landing platform. Take the R-65 heavy blaster with 100 shots right near the ship. Make absolutely sure you save about 50 shots from this R-65 blaster for the boss monster at the end of this level. In one corner of this platform is a light repeating blaster with 300 shots. When you walk towards your taxi, your driver and the taxi are destroyed by a flying hover cannon. Use your blaster to destroy the hover cannon, and then take out any enemies nearby. Quickly get to the platform with the droid and talk to him. Have him take you across the way to the tourism office.

Go inside and talk to the reception droid. Continue forward around the corner and talk to the guy behind the counter. He's not very helpful. There's a full health pack in the control room behind him (on the ramp near the black door), but you might want to save it. Continue through the black door until you come to the tourism droid selling tickets for the city tour. It costs 200 republic credits, which you don't have. You can try to sell your electrobinoculars to the tourists in the waiting lounge, but it won't work. If you talk to the lady, she'll provide a hint for the city password later on in the game.

Go back to the area with the R2 unit and the man behind the desk. There is a door here that leads to another landing platform outside. Talk to the man with the wicked looking horns on the right, and he wants to sell you two tour tickets for 100 credits. Walk across the platform to the other side and talk to the man in blue. Don't be greedy. Sell him your electrobinoculars for 100 credits. Go back to the first guy and buy the tickets, but he wants them for a different price. Keep talking to him until he sells both tickets for 100 credits (total).

You may be attacked on your way back in by more thugs. Kill them, and use the health pack in the office if you saved it from before. Go back to the ticket droid, and she will open the door for you (talk to her if you have to). Go through, and you have to fight another flying hover cannon that's shooting at you (it also destroys the tour ship). You'll have to find another way to the Senate Chambers.

To your right is a warehouse. There's a pit with a lot of crates, and a lift that is in the bottom position. This is preventing you from getting to the area on the other side. You need to get that lift into the upper position because the queen won't follow you into the pit (she sure is picky for someone who doesn't have a lot of options right now).

There are 2 moveable boxes in the pit. One box is behind a blue forcefield in the corner, and the other box is the opposite corner (it's grey with yellow mold). You will need both boxes to complete this puzzle.

Move the yellow moldy box. Hidden behind the box in the corner is a panel that you can move. Behind it is a light repeating blaster with 300 shots. Move the moldy box to the wall on the far side with the broken railing. Jump up, and go to the control room. There's a full health pack here. There are also 2 levers here you can use. The red lever on the left will move the lift into the upper/lower positions, and it will also turn off the blue forcefield. The blue lever on the right will give a nasty electric shock to the R2 unit encased in glass and piss him off. He'll come out and shoot at you for doing that to him.

Pull the left lever to move the lift into the upper position, and in the process it will turn off the forcefield. Wait until the lever pops back into the up position, and use the lever again to move the lift back into the bottom position. Go to the corner in the pit where the blue forcefield was. You now have access to a second box. Push this box onto the lift itself. Go back to the control room and pull the red lever again to make the lift go up.

Now you have one box on the lift (where you need it). Move the remaining box to the side of the lift, and use it to jump on top of the lift. In the process of moving the box, you may hear the queen scream for help, but you can't save her at this time (she's being kidnapped, not killed).

Once on top of the lift, move the box forward to the area that drops off into the chasms of the city (you can't move it past the blue line on the floor). There's a panel here that controls a floating platform. The platform is high up though, and you can't reach it from the ground. Move the box into position, use the panel, jump onto the box, and then jump onto the platform when it arrives. Now would be a good time to save your game.

Once on the other side, there are more enemies and a hover cannon to fight. You can take cover between all the crates. The crate stacked on top of one of the other crates has a light repeating blaster with 300 shots. Push it onto the ground to reveal it. The hover cannon shooting at you will fly in a predictable counterclockwise pattern. You don't have to fight if you don't want to, you can just make a run for it.

You can't get through huge doors, but there is a ledge to the right. There are two windows, and inside one of them an enemy is shooting at you. If you kill the thug in the window, you can find a small health pack. Walk on the ledge to the second window and the grates will fall down, allowing you access. Follow the dark hallway and use the handprint panel at the end (it opens the next vent). Turn right, and go out another window to the ledge. You'll have to jump over the crack to get to the next ledge, and through the vent.

Follow the path to the storage room. There are two boxes here you can move. One box is on the ground, and reveals an area behind it with a small health powerup. In this secret corridor, there's a hidden panel on the wall near the red light. You'll find a R-65 heavy blaster behind it. Outside in the storage room, there's a box stacked on top of another box. Push it to the ground and you'll get a R-65 blaster with 100 shots.

Exit the storage room into a merchant area. You can talk to them if you wish. Go up the stairs, and use the only available lift (the open one on the far left) which will take you to a dark area with several doors. Behind one of these doors you'll find 2 small health powerups (the last health powerups available on this level), 5 flash grenades, and a light repeating blaster with 300 shots. Be careful though, because behind the other doors are enemies. You'll have to kill a couple of them (or all) to disable the forcefield guarding the lift. Once done, use the lift and you end up in the dredges of the city. Watch out for the spiders, and follow the dark hallway to a huge door. You can go to the room to the left and talk to the man if you want. He'll provide a password for getting back into the city. Beyond the big door is the forbidden area, where outlaws rule.

Once through the doors, you'll come across a lot of beggars wanting money and food (panhandlers are timeless it seems), none of which you have. They'll start attacking you later for being "mean" so you may as well just kill them now.

Follow the path, and you come to a seemingly dead end. Use the handprint control panel, and the wall will lower. Quickly run on top of it and wait. It will soon raise you to an upper level.

Use the control panel, and when the wall comes down, run straight across it into another room. There are two control panels here. Turn around and face them. The panel on the left controls the blocked wall in front of you. The panel on the right controls the blocked wall on the other path that you passed on the way to this room.

Quickly press the panel on the left, the press the panel on the right. Run towards the wall coming down, and then quickly run to the right twice. The path should be clear, but if you run into a blocked wall, you'll have to push the panels all over again (it's timed).

Press another control panel. When the wall comes down, run straight ahead. You should be in a room with some stacked boxes. The box on top has a white passkey that you need, so push the box onto the ground to reveal it.

Push the lever, and when the wall comes down, take the path to the right. Use your key pass on the white panel. Enter the room, take out the bad guy, and rescue the queen. Don't forget to take the red lift key that the bad guy dropped when he died.

Use the panel, and when the wall comes down, run straight ahead. Get onto the lift and use the red lift key on the red panel. If you are having problems using the red key, you should hear a clicking sound and the dull red panel should turn bright red. Just walk right up to the panel and bump against it or use the "use" key and it should work. Get on the lift (make sure the queen is with you). At the bottom, go forward until your path is blocked by a bottomless pit.

This may seem like a diabolical puzzle, but it's not that hard. Turn right, and use the lever. The door across the pit closes, but it reveals a lever in the other corner. Go to that lever and use it. The bridge moves and now you can cross the pit. Make sure you take the queen with you across the bridge at this point. So cross the bridge, and turn left. Use the lever the queen is standing next to. The bridge moves again. Go to the other opposite corner and use that lever. The blocks move. Go to the next lever (the one you pushed when you first started this puzzle) and use it. The door opens, even though you can't see it (you should hear it though). Go back to the other lever (don't cross the bridge) and use it again to move the blocks. Now the open door is revealed.

Continue forward. Use the panel to open the door. And use the next panel to operate the lift. You'll come to a password protected door. The answer is "Coruscant has lovely sunsets." If you provide the wrong password, floor guns will come up and you'll have 10 seconds to vacate the area. Now is a good time to save your game. Go inside the door and defeat the boss man.

This guy is a Coruscant Mercenary. He is tougher than sin, especially since you're playing Panaka, who's a fairly weak character. Most of the time the mercenary will be right up in your face. If you have any flash grenades, when you first enter the room and he's coming out of the other door, throw them at him quickly before he nears you and that should take him out. If not, try jumping and running around a lot and shooting him when he's not so close. Try to lure him near one of the power columns. If you shoot the column when he's near it, it will blow up and stun him. Try to get in a few shots while he's stunned. If you saved ammo from your R-65, this is a good time to use it. He can reflect the shots of your regular blaster, but not the R-65. The R-65 can pierce his armor.

If you need a save game for getting through this part, download L9 After Mercenary or see the Cheats section for more info. The save game will bring you to this part of the walkthrough. The Merc is dead, and you're free to continue.

When you're done with him, go through the door, forward onto the lift, and across the moving platform. There's a long conversation with the Senator, and the level ends.

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