Phantom Menace Walkthrough: Level 6

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Walkthrough

Level 6: Mos Espa
Mission: Find Anakin, Jar Jar, Podracer parts

Comprehensive trading strategies revealed in my new Mos Espa Trading Guide halfway down.

This level is fairly easy as you don't have to fight a lot of people. Avoid getting too near a party of Jawas or they'll start shooting at you to protect their precious junk. Once you shoot one Jawa, you'll have to shoot them all. And it's hard to survive in Mos Espa with tons of Jawas after your hide. Try to keep your hands free of weapons, so people don't think you're about to attack them (although you will still occasionaly be attacked regardless). If someone starts attacking you, just run and they usually won't follow you.

If you want to make it a little bit interesting, go to the dung worm seller (at the entrance to blue street) and walk through the dung worms on the rug. You'll hear interesting comments from the slave boys and other inhabitants, like "you smell like bantha poodoo."

This is a level in which one event will trigger another to occur. This means that you pretty much have to do things in a certain order to complete the level. If something is not happening for you, then please follow this section of the walkthrough carefully (before emailing me), as the actions here are listed in the correct order.

In this level, you play Qui-Gon for the first time. This means the only weapon you start with is a lightsaber. Head out away from the ship, and you'll meet up with a lot of sand people (Tusken Raiders) as you walk forward. Two of them have guns, take those out first (one is in the corner, the other is far to the left). The Cirle Jerk move is a good technique here, especially since you're being surrounded by sand people and possibly herded into a corner. You may also which to try the jump and spin move. When you're done, follow the path in the desert sand, and it will lead you to the city of Mos Espa. Jar Jar and Padme may or may not be with you at this point, but it doesn't matter because you'll all meet up at the end of the level.

There are 4 major streets in the city, and although you can't read the language, there are 4 different colors on the signs: red, black, blue, and orange. Red street is the one you are on when you enter the city, and is the "main" street. From the city entrance, on the right side of red street you will first find black street, and if you keep going further down, blue street. On the left side of red street you'll find orange street.

At the end of orange street is Watto's shop, who has the T-14 hyperdrive generator that you need. But you can't get into his shop that way until after Anakin leads you to him, through the junkyard. And you have to find Shmi so she can lead you to Anakin. Shmi will not show up at her house until you find out about both Anakin and Watto from the cityfolk, so start talking to people!

First, as you enter the city, talk to the woman selling hydroponic vegetables on the left. Ask her about the T-14, and she'll tell you about Watto. Continue forward until you reach blue street. Go to blue street. At the entrance to this street is the dung worm seller on the right, and on the left is a merchant area with a tent (the merchant may or may not be there). To the right and behind the tent is a small alley. Go down it a little bit and you'll find a small health pack.

Return to the merchant tent and blue street, continue forward, and the road will curve to the left. But before you go around the curve, talk to the merchant in the corner who says "stand back mister because I'm going to slash all my prices!" First, ask him how business is doing, he'll tell you about the podraces. Ask him to show you his podracer out back. He'll go through the door next to him, and in his backyard you can find a full health pack. Then talk to him again, ask about the T-14 hyperdrive generator, and use your Jedi mind trick to get him to tell you where Watto's shop is. [If you don't ask this merchant about business as the very FIRST dialog option when you talk to him, he may not let you behind his house].

Continue down blue street. Soon you will reach the second curve to the left in the road. Keep going until you see a big green beast on the left, and Padme will be across from it on the right. Talk to Padme. You have to find Anakin, while she searches for Jar Jar.

Remember where that beast is across from Padme. In the building next to it is a blue elephant-man creature taking a bath. Later on in the game this is where you'll find Jar Jar (because Padme is NOT quite capable of finding him herself).

A fun thing to do in this area is find the Jawa's near Padme. They've got a secret hideout that they are protecting. There's a heavy repeating cannon in this room. You can use the cannon and blast all the Jawa's (and green beasties) in sight. But save your game first before you try it. It's a fun diversion, but it has dire consequences (i.e. 100 hateful Jawas and cityfolk on your tail). When you're done, restore your save game.

Continue on your path past Padme and you will come upon the slave quarters with a bunch of little slave boys running around. Talk to one of the slave boys, and he'll tell you where to find Shmi. Keep going until you reach a dead end, and there will be a little street to the left, where you'll find Shmi. Talk to her, agree to free Anakin from slavery, then follow through the door to the backyard.

In one corner of this big backyard, there is a blaster near two Jawas. You will need a blaster very desperately on the next level (where it is lacking), so grab blasters on this level whenever you can.

Talk to Anakin near the podracer. He'll take you to Watto. Follow him through the small door (where the metal just fell on the ground) straight ahead to the junkyard.

You will need to do some running double jumps in the junkyard. You'll be taking a slightly different path than Anakin, because he's small and can get through tiny crawlspaces. Follow him as best as you can. You'll come to an area with a big white pillar, and a droid operating a machine with some nasty looking blades in front. You need to get onto the lower platform near the pillar, and make a running double jump onto the pillar. Then you have to make another double jump onto the roof (looks like metal grating) on the right. Follow Anakin across a plank, and it falls beneath your feet (too many bantha burgers, eh).

If you go left, the droid with the machine will bust through the wall and come towards you. So walk to the right, and some Jawas should break down the wall. Follow them about 2 feet and there's a small hallway to the left. You'll need to come back here. For now, go forward into the desert. You'll find a small health powerup, and a fuel convertor. The Jawa's will start shooting at you for snatching their goods, so run back towards that hallway. Continue down the hallway until you come to an area with a box. Move the box agaist the wall that has a "see-through" box on top and you'll see Anakin on the other side. Jump up, and keep walking until you reach Watto's shop.

Talk to Watto (the flying creature). Try to trade for a T-14. If you trade him your Naboo fusion coil, you will get a hydrospanner, one fuel convertor, or two fuel convertors. What you receive depends on the order you chose the dialog options. You don't have to trade him the coil if you don't want to, there are other ways to trade in this city. Make sure you don't leave the shop until Watto mentions a bet. And don't forget to pick up your trade item off the ground when the conversation is over.

Outside Watto's shop, talk to Anakin. He needs parts (a servo control and mass coupler) for his podracer, which you'll have to do some trading to get. You can't trade for podracer parts until you find out from Anakin that he needs them. Next, talk to Padme. You'll have to find Jar Jar 'cause she couldn't do the job right.

Talk to one of the blue Twi'lek girls standing nearby. In the next level, you'll meet up with this Twi'lek and Jabba will loan you money.

Now let's find Jar Jar, and rescue a couple of people before you do some trading. You are on orange street right now. Go forward. Before you exit orange street, there is a red door to your left that you can go through. On the bed are 5 flash grenades. Once you grab it, a floor gun will shoot you, but those flash grenades will come in very handy for the next level.

Exit orange street and you'll end up on red street. Turn left, and keep going until you find blue street on the right. Follow it around two left turns until you come to the big green beast (right before you get to the slave quarters). Go into the building next to it (the bathhouse), and you'll find Jar Jar and elephant boy engrossed in manly conversation. Talk to Jar Jar and tell him to go to Watto's. There's a small health powerup in the corner if you need it.

Exit back out to blue street (don't go out the door Jar Jar went through). Head towards the slave quarters. Before you reach the dead end, you'll see Yak-Face. He's whining because some thugs took over his house. Go up the stairs on the left into his house. You can either shoot the thugs or use your Jedi mind trick to reason with them. Exit out the back way, and jump over the balcony to the ground. There are 2 thieves out here trying to rob Vek Drow (the merchant in the corner). Kill them. Talk to the Vek, and he'll lead you inside his shop. Keep talking to him and he'll eventually give you an engine binder for saving his life.

Exit through the front door, and you'll find yourself at the dead end of red street. Ahead on the left is a hammerhead lady in a pink dress, sitting next to some stairs. If you don't see her, you may have a video card problem (she "disappeared" on me even though I could still hear her speak). Talk to her. Find her son Tomo, who's a captive of Captain Neg. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as walking up the steps to his door. Guns in the floor will come out and shoot you, so you have to find another way in. Go back down, and look at the balcony on the side. Look up, and you'll see a rope that leads to it. You'll have to find a way to get to that rope, because it's too high to jump on from the ground.

Go back to orange street. There is an area where you can go up the stairs into someone's room. Go up, through the room, and come out on the other side. If the owner is in or near the house, floor guns may come up and shoot you on your way through. You are now on a ledge. Follow the ledge all the way around until you come to a rope. You'll have to jump to this rope to reach another balcony. Once across, you find yourself in Selbuba's room with a couple of his whores. There's a blaster with 250 shots in one corner, but once you grab it, a floor gun will start shooting at you. Exit, and you find yourself on another ledge. Follow it until you get to another rope. This rope leads to the balcony of Captain Neg's house. Cross it. You may get knocked down by blaster fire from one of Captain Neg's guards who comes out a side door on the ground. If that happens, kill him so you don't get knocked down on your next try across.

Once you're across, kill the droid and the lady that looks like a nun (she sure doesn't act like one). There are 2 cages, one has a monster in it that breaks free. You'll have to kill him. Watch his movement patterns on the ground and it's possible to kill him from the stairs using your blaster and saber. You can also jump on top of the boy's cage and fight the beast from there. It will take a little bit longer, but just keep whacking the beast with your saber when he's near the cage, and you can kill him without being injured very much. Or, if you can get to the beast before he breaks free, you can trapping him in his cage and whacking him with your saber. If you're brave, there's a small health powerup on the ground.

Once the beast is dead, free the boy and talk to him. Go around to the side and use your saber on the power generator that's keeping the side door closed. Follow the boy through the door and around the corner to his mother. Talk to her and she'll give you a repulse booster.

If you want a blaster (you'll need it for the next level) talk to Mat Rags (in a blue outfit with a pointy hat) inside or just outside the bar on black street. If you complement him and are nice to him, he will give you a krayt dragon tooth. Go to the hydroponic vegetables lady (at the city entrance) and she will trade you a blaster for it.

If you need another small health pack, go all the way to the end of black street. On the right is a Jawa and a big green beast. Go around them (to the right), and you'll find it near one of the corners.

Now it's time to trade for podracer parts. Ultimately, you want to get a mass coupler and servo control . When you have both of these items, go back to Watto's shop and talk to Anakin. Let him know you have the parts and the level should end.

Mos Espa Trading Guide

The following is a list of all the different trade options. Two things determine the direction you can move in the trading process: the item you received from Watto, and what you traded away first (after Watto). I'm providing such descriptive options because most people get stuck when they are in the middle of the trading process, and the first item they traded away affects the rest of the trade. So just look at what item you received from Watto, what you've traded away, and you should have the rest of the solution.

You CAN kill people for parts. But when you take them to Anakin, he will say that he won't take things from a murderer like you! It's kind of funny.

If you saved Vek Drow (the merchant being robbed) and Tomo (the kid in the cage) BEFORE you talked to Anakin outside Watto's shop, then you couldn't get the engine binder and repulse booster from them at that point. You will have to talk to Anakin first, where he must tell you he needs a servo control and an mass coupler. This is the trigger that will allow you to start trading for podracer parts. Then you may go back to the people you saved, and the other merchants, to get the podracer parts

The most common problem is finding an extra fuel convertor. Make sure you get the fuel convertor from the Junkyard Jawa's in the desert. When the Jawa's broke down the wall in the junkyard, you should have followed them into the desert to get the fuel convertor. If you didn't, you'll have to go back down to the slave quarters (end of blue street), through Shmi's house to the backyard, and through the junkyard again.

Another way to get an extra fuel convertor is from Barbo's Thug. AFTER you have a Servo Control in your possession (or it may not work), go to Barbo's shop (near Padme and Watto's). Talk to him and ask him if he wants to trade for podracer parts. He should say no, and let you out to the back of the shop. If the door closes, talk to him again and make sure you get through quicker this time. There will be one or more thugs out back, and be careful because a floor gun will start shooting at you. Grab the fuel convertor in the corner, and jump onto the platform near the wall. On the other side, you'll find yourself near the entrance to the city. Just keep the wall on your left side as you walk, and you'll come to the entrance fairly quickly.

The last way to get an extra fuel convertor is down on blue street. Go to the "slashing prices" merchant. Turn around, and you should see the "blue street" sign near where the road curves across the street. To the left of this sign is what looks like someone's tent. To the left of the tent is an empty stall with a brown tarp covering the top. Right behind this empty stall is a very tiny alley. Depending on how you've done your trading, a fuel convertor may show up here if you need it (and not beforehand).

People and Places

Watto: Watto is easy to find, since you should have already dealt with him at this point. His shop is at the end of orange street.

Teemto: You can find Teemto in the bar (cantina) on black street. He's the little drunk alien fellow.

Mawhonic: Mawhonic has a podracer repair shop on blue street . Find the R2 unit working on a podracer, and you've found Mawhonic's shop. Go between the pods to get to the back of his shop.

Barbo: Barbo's a slow guy, and he's always chatting with the guard by the stairs on orange street. His shop is close to where Padme is standing (near Watto's). You will have to coax Barbo into his shop. Either stand in his shop and wait about 30 seconds, or go bug him by the stairs, and run back to his shop and wait again. He'll show up eventually. Don't mind trick Barbo for a servo control, it's a fake trick and you will never a servo control from him that way.

Cheesy Merchant: This guy is in a corner on blue street . You better stand back mister, because he's going to slash... all his prices!

Watto gave you a hydrospanner

Trade Option 1 Requires: repulse booster, engine binder, hydrospanner

Fuel Convertor: Jedi mind trick Teemto OR get from Junkyard Jawas OR blue street alley

Servo Control: trade your fuel convertor and repulse booster to Barbo

Mass Coupler: trade your engine binder and hydrospanner to Mawhonic

Trade Option 2 Requires: repulse booster, engine binder, hydrospanner

Servo Control: trade your engine binder and repulse booster to Teemto

Fuel Converter: trade your hydrospanner to Mawhonic

Extra Fuel Convertor: get from Junkyard Jawa OR Barbo's Thug OR blue street alley

Mass Coupler: trade your two fuel convertors to the "slashing prices" merchant on blue street

Watto gave you one fuel convertor

Trade Option 1 Requires: repulse booster, engine binder, 1 Watto fuel convertor

Servo Control: trade your engine binder and repulse booster to Teemto

Extra Fuel Convertor: get from Junkyard Jawas OR Barbo's Thug OR blue street alley

Mass Coupler: trade two fuel converters to the "slashing prices" merchant

Trade Option 2 Requires: repulse booster, engine binder, 1 Watto fuel convertor

Servo Control: trade Barbo your fuel convertor and repulse booster

Extra Fuel Convertor: jedi mind trick Teemto

Extra Fuel Convertor #2: get from Junkyard Jawas or Barbo's Thug OR blue street alley

Mass Coupler: trade two fuel convertors to the "slashing prices" merchant

Watto gave you two fuel convertors

Trade Option 1 Requires: repulse booster, engine binder, 2 Watto fuel convertors

Servo Control: trade repulse booster and fuel convertor to Barbo

Extra Fuel Convertor: mind trick Teemto OR Junkyard Jawas OR from Barbo's Thug OR blue street alley

Mass Coupler: trade two fuel convertors to the "slashing prices" merchant

Trade Option 2 Requires: repulse booster, engine binder, 2 Watto fuel convertors

Servo Control: trade your engine binder and repulse booster to Teemto

Mass Coupler: trade two fuel convertors to the "slashing prices" merchant

Watto gave you nothing (you didn't trade with him)

Trade Option 1 Requires: repulse booster, engine binder, Naboo fusion coil

Fuel Convertor: mind trick Teemto OR get from Junkyard Jawas OR blue street alley

Mass Coupler: trade your Naboo fusion coil and engine binder to the "slashing prices" merchant

Servo Control: trade your fuel converter and repulse booster to Barbo

Trade Option 2 Requires: repulse booster, engine binder, Naboo fusion coil

Servo Control: trade your engine binder and repulse booster to Teemto

Fuel Convertor: get from Junkyard Jawas

Extra Fuel Convertor: get from Barbo's Thug OR blue street alley

Mass Coupler: trade your two fuel convertors to the "slashing prices" merchant

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