Phantom Menace Walkthrough: Tips, Moves, Weapons

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Walkthrough

Tips, Character Moves, and Weapons


There are several skills you will have to learn to become good at. You need to learn the running double jump (run, jump, and jump again in mid-air). This skill is vital to getting onto overhead vines and ropes, and jumping onto platforms and pillars. You can't get through the game without learning this skill. Practice it whenever you get the chance.

When vine/rope jumping, you'll know you've succeeded because you'll be hanging off the vine or rope. It's all about timing, and at what point your foot left the ground. If you hang off the rope for a split second, but then flipped over it, it means jumped one too many times. Next time try using the jump key one less time.

You will also need to become good with your saber. There are times when regular weapons won't do. Learn the overhead saber move, the twirling saber move, and the jump and slash technique. Read your manual for more information. You can also reflect enemy blaster shots off your saber and back towards them. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan move slightly different with their saber moves. Obi-Wan, being the younger of the two, has more athletic flair.

Don't forget that you can roll and hop depending on what character you're playing. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan can dodge blaster fire by rolling left or right. Captain Panaka and Queen Amidala can hop from side to side. This is a useful tactic to employ when taking on a group of enemies.

Force push is a convenient weapon sometimes, as it can temporarily stun an enemy (but not for very long). Try using it when you have the chance. It's also handy because you can push enemies off platforms. However, you can't force push enemies unless they are on the same "level" as you. This means that if an enemy is on top of the stairs, you can't push him when you're at the bottom. Force push can also sometimes kill enemies if you use it on them several times. Experiment. And don't forget there's a force push meter measuring the amount of "force power" you have. Using force push will temporarily deplete it, but it will quickly rise again.

If your gameplay is slow during battles, try turning off some of your performance options. The game may not look quite as pretty, but you'll be able to move around and fight more quickly. I'm at the minimum requirements for the game, and gameplay was a bit slow during battles with groups of droids. I found that I was able to kill more efficiently when the performance options were set to low.

When you are protecting a character, make sure you don't stray too far from them. Enemies can show up and try to take them out while you're off scouting ahead. Sometimes when you cross an "invisible line", the game will say that the protected character has died, even if there are no enemies around him or her. This is the game's way of telling you that you are not to go into this new area without that character following behind you.

On the levels where you protect a character, there are certain checkpoints in the game where they will automatically stop. They are relatively "safe" at these points if you've cleared the area of enemies. You should always talk to the person when he or she stops because you may have something to say, such as "wait" or "follow me." Or they may have something to tell you.

Destroyer droids (the droids that roll around and have personal shields) are a pain in the butt. They have a distinct sound, so you know when one is in the area. The most effective way of killing them is using a couple of proton missiles on them. They are most vulnerable when they are rolling around or right after they stop, because they don't have their shields up. Try to get the first shot in before they get their shield up. If you can get in any blaster shots or saber thrusts while they are rolling or right after they stop, then all the better for you!

Sometimes a non-player character you're travelling with can provide cover fire for you. They can take out destroyer droids or battle droids for you, or help you in your battles. You may occasionally run into a soldier or two that will help fight your battles. Keep your eyes and ears open, and observe. But if they start ducking down or screaming, it usually means they need help.

If you come upon a heavy repeating cannon in the game that you can use, that usually means that there are destroyer droids and a big group of battle droids coming your way. Definitely make use of this wicked weapon.

If you see a battle tank, avoid it at all costs. You can sometimes take them out, but not without wasting a lot of weapons, ammo, and time. It is not necessary to take them out to finish a level. In other words, don't try unless you want to show off. You should preserve the big ammo for the destroyer droids (which you can't always run away from) and the boss monsters. Run away from the battle tanks or do what you need to in order to get around it as quickly as possible.

One thing I can't say often enough is SAVE YOUR GAME OFTEN! A good time to save is at the start of every level. This is an action game, and you will probably die quite a few times until you've learned a strategy for a particular area. You are given quite a few (approximately 100) save game slots, so don't waste all that extra empty space. You will save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you have several previous save games you can load up where you had more health or you did something a little differently. If you die in a certain spot several times, eventually you learn how many enemies are in an area and how they move. Then when you load up a save game, you may finally have learned how to beat that enemy. And don't forget to save your game before and after you fight a big boss monster. Whatever you do, don't save and resave over one game repeatedly. The quicksave option is fine, but you should periodically create normal save games several times throughout the level.

Character Moves

The following is a list of some saber moves that both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan can use. Try practicing them when there are no enemies around. TAP means quickly tapping the keyboard. PRESS describes how you would normally press a key on the keyboard (you hold it down slightly longer than you would for tap). To HOLD a key means that you are pressing the key continuously and not releasing it. A few of the moves (such as forward slash and running forward slash) may seem sort of redundant. The twirling saber move and the jumping spin attack are pretty fun. The Cirle Jerk is effective when you're trapped in a corner or being gang banged (surrounded) by a group of droids. It's similar to the slash and spin saber moves, except you are stationary. Experiment with other moves.

Move Controls
Normal Slash PRESS attack key
Overhead slash TAP attack key
Forward slash HOLD forward key + PRESS attack key
Reatreat slash HOLD back key + PRESS attack key
Slash combo HOLD attack key
Overhead slash combo TAP attack key, then HOLD attack key
Forward stepping combo HOLD forward key + HOLD attack key
Twirling saber combo HOLD forward key, TAP attack key, then HOLD attack key
Retreating slash combo HOLD back key + HOLD attack key
Running slash Run forward + PRESS attack key
Running double slash Run forward + PRESS attack key
Running overhead slash Run + TAP attack key, release forward key before next attack
Running forward slash Run forward + HOLD attack key
Jumping attack Jump, then PRESS attack key
Jumping spin attack Jump, then HOLD attack key
Circle Jerk HOLD attack key + HOLD left or right movement key

Captain Panaka has a couple of special martial arts moves that he (and you) can use when you have no weapons. Or you can just have fun with it even if you do have some weapons. It's obviously only useful in close combat situations.

Move Controls
Punch PRESS attack key
Running punch Run and PRESS attack key
Punch-Kick Combo HOLD attack key
Roundhouse Punch-Kick HOLD forward key + HOLD attack key


Weapon Description
Lightsaber There's just something about wielding a glowing hot, big killing stick that empowers both genders. For men, it's for egotistic reasons, and for women (or at least me), it's sadistic. It's a weapon that can put a maniacal grin on an angel's face. In any case, this is as close to becoming a Jedi as any of us will ever get. It's an all around useful weapon in both offense and defense. You can deflect laser blasts with your saber. And it goes without saying that you can use it to kill. It can also cut through some objects. The lightsaber can only be used by Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.
Blaster Rifle The blaster is an average weapon and each powerup you find comes with 250 shots. It shoots comparatively slow. It's a standard issue weapon for battle droids. But in a pinch, there's nothing like a good blaster at your side, kid.
Light Repeating Blaster This is an automatic version of the normal blaster. Powerups come with 300 shots. It's a better weapon than the blaster, but you still have to aim right if you don't want to waste shots.
Gungan Energy Ball You can only find this weapon on Levels 2 and 3. It is an explosive energy ball that can be used to temporarily stun enemies. It can also short out some machinery.
Proton Missile Launcher This weapon has miniature proton warheads. Each powerup comes with 5 shells. It is the best weapon to use to defeat those pesky destroyer droids. It's great to see in action! It can also do a great deal of damage to machinery. While this weapon is excellent in taking out a group of droids, try to save most of your missiles for the destroyers.
Thermal Detonator Thermal detonators are powerful weapons. They destroy all matter within a 5-20 meter radius. This means that when you use one, run like hell the other way. You can take damage if you're not quick or far enough away. They are relatively rare in the game, so when you find one, you might want to save it for a more opportune moment (use your judgement).
Flash Grenade Flash grenades are sort of a poor man's thermal detonator. They are designed primarily to blind enemies, but it can also kill them. You have to aim it perfectly, so when you toss it at an enemy it hits them. If you miss, you pretty much wasted a good flash grenade. Flash grenades come in sets of 5.
Heavy Repeating Cannon How can anyone not love this weapon? At least, you love it when you're not its target. Usually you will have to commandeer the cannon by killing the droid operating it. And when there's a cannon in sight, you can be damn sure that you're meant to use it, because about 5 destroyers and 20 droids will be coming your way! To operate the cannon, get behind it and press the spacebar (or your "use" key). You have to align youself just perfectly or it won't work. Remember that you're moving the back of the cannon. This means that if you want to aim up, you have to press the down key, and to aim down you have to press the up key. Use your left and right keys as you normally would.
Naboo Blaster This weapon is only used by Captain Panaka. It's similar to the blaster rifle. There's absolutely nothing special about it, except that it's useful when you have nothing else left.
R-65 Heavy Blaster This weapon is only used by Captain Panaka. Powerups come with 100 shots. This weapon is awesome! It shoots twin energy bolts that can bounce off walls and other solid objects. In close quarters, this is fun to see. It's also an important weapon in defeating the Coruscant Mercenary on Level 9. The energy bolts can pierce through the Merc's armor, whereas regular blaster shots won't.
Droid Stunner This is the wimpiest weapon in the game. It has no powerups. It will emit an energy pulse that can temporarily stun almost any enemy. It's a weapon that only Queen Amidala can use (no one else would want to). Even fists are better than using this baby's toy. It is a close combat weapon with a limited range (one or two feet). This weapon is mostly ineffective because the Queen will get her butt kicked while she's trying to run up to the droid to use the damn thing. It's mostly useful for sneaking up behind a droid and suprising it. It can kill some droids (short out their circuitry), but with others it will just stun them temporarily.

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