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Some people are just not Jedi material. If your eye/hand coordination is a bit on the cross-eyed, three-fingered side, then you'll need these cheat codes. The one complaint I have about the cheats is that the health ones are limited in the number of times you can use them. That's a big thumbs down to the person who brainstormed that brilliant idea. What the hell is the point in allowing us to cheat, if they are going to dictate how many times we can do it? It really defeats the purpose of cheating. Bah! Grrrrrrrr! Pbbbbbttttt! And you know where you can stick that big thumbs down!

Here are some useful, fun, and not-so-useful cheat codes. I did not make the cheats and I have not tested all of them. They may or may not work, so use them at your own risk.


To enable the cheat, press the backspace key while in the game, then enter the follow codes into the dialog box. Type in the cheat again to return to normal.

Code Result
happy Weapon 3 more powerful
from above Top down camera view
naughty naughty Camera view from behind
perf Wireframe mode
but i feel so good Force push color turns red
perfection Auto-fire/attack
slowmo Slow motion
beyond cinema Screen changes to letterbox format
turntables Makes Jawas HUGE (this is fun to see!)
i like to cheat All weapons and ammo
give me life Full health, but game difficulty increases (maximum use of 5 times)
heal it up Full health (maximum use of 5 times)
where is gurshick View the end-game credits
rex Wire frame menu
iamqueen Play as Queen Amidala
iampanaka Play as Captain Panaka
iamquigon Play as Qui-Gon
iamobi Play as Obi-Wan
i stink Skill level set to easy
i really stink Skill level is set to easy
i rule the world Skill level is set to hard
fps Displays framerate
60fps 60fps frame rate
kill me now Instant Death
donttttt Instant Death
rrrrright Instant Death
drop a beat Moving walls
brenando "Tech bonus" message appears
oldcode Debug mode 1, enter again for debug mode 2


You can also get an invincibility trainer for the game. The invincibility trainer can freeze your health at 999% (or thereabouts) and shouldn't affect your skill rating after you've finished the game. So what is a trainer you ask? A "trainer" is a small program created by an outside source, and is designed to work in conjunction with the game. It allows you to cheat the game in various ways.

To use the trainer, unzip the file to whatever directory you want. BEFORE you start the game, start the trainer program. Do NOT close the program after it has loaded. The trainer must continue to run in the "background." Pay attention to the F# function keys or write them down. Then start your game as you normally would. When you want to cheat, just press the F# function key for that particular cheat. For example, F7 gives you unlimited health. So while you're playing in the game, you would press the F7 key.

Please remember that the trainer may or may not work with your version of the game. Don't email me about the trainer, as I did not create it. I can not provide technical support for it (what you see is what you get). This trainer is downloadable from this website merely as a convenience to you. All email regarding the trainer (unless it's about a broken link) will be deleted. If you are having problems, please refer your question to the Phantom Menace forum to see if anyone else has your problem, and if there is a possible solution.

Save Games

Here's a small collection of my save games. I don't have any saves other than what is here, so please don't ask for any. These save games are places where a lot of people seem to get stuck.

Save game files are found in the save subdirectory of the game's installation location on your hard drive. All save game names start with zanzi and end with a .sav extention. If you want to keep your existing save games, please remember to back them up to a different directory. If you don't know how to move or copy files, ask someone at home/school/work to help you out. To load up a save game, just start the loading process as you normally would. The descriptions "L1 Start" or "L7 Boss Thief" as shown below will show up somewhere on your save game list.

The use of these save games is at your own risk. Absolutely NO cheats were used in any of the save games. This means that if you need the limited-use health cheat, I haven't used up any of them. The following is a description of the save game files.

Save Games
L2 through L11 Start Levels 2 through 11 save games from the start of each level. For obvious reasons, there is no save game for starting level 1.
L2 Vine 1 This is the first vine jump in the game, on level 2. Jar Jar has left you on a high butte. There's a STAP (a droid on a flying machine) attacking you. You had either the choice of jumping on the vine and crossing a wide gap, or running and double jumping across two more platforms. With this save game, you have just landed on the other side.
L3 Sinking Pillar This is a popular source of frustration for many gamers. This is the evil puzzle on Otoh Gunga where the pillar sinks when you land on it. This save game places you on the other balcony. And no, I did not get the gun. I jumped on as few pillars as I had to. If you want it that badly, you go back for it. :)
L4 After Garden Maze The Gardens of Theed level is a tough one. At one point you come to a short in-game movie that shows the garden being taken over by droids. You have to navigate the garden past many droids, a tank, and possibly even destroyer droids. This save games takes place after you have gotten out of the garden. Straight head is the security door. You DO have the password so you'll be taking the security door route instead of the back way in.
L7 Jabba's Champ You have just defeated Jabba's Champ. It looks like he'll need a new pet.
L7 Boss Thief You've just defeated the boss who has the ignition capacitor. The ignition capacitor is now in your inventory.
L9 After Mercenary The save game takes place after the Coruscant Mercenary is dead. You're at a very low health, but that doesn't matter because the level is about to end. There's a fairly long end sequence to this level that you may want to watch.
L11 Elevator 1 This is the final level, and the force is with the rings of death. This is the first elevator jump in this level of the game. You've already been through the first side room and jumped onto the ring one level below the droid. Then you passed a couple of rings to this dead end point. This save game puts you on the elevator right after you have made the jump.
L11 Elevator 2 This is the final level, and you're still navigating the rings of death. You have just exited the second side room, with the many blue forcefields that you had to manipulate to allow you a clear path. You walk out of the room and look down to the right. There's an elevator you have to jump onto, and this elevator jump is more difficult than the first. This save game puts you on the elevator right after you jump. From here on out, it will be easy to get to the catwalk Qui-Gon and Darth Maul are on.

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