Phantom Menace Walkthrough: Level 10

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Walkthrough

Level 10: Assault on Theed
Mission: Queen - Get into the palace and protect Panaka / Obi-Wan - follow and fight Darth Maul

In this level you play both Queen Amidala and Obi-Wan (you keep switching between characters and scenes, which is kind of annoying). It's a good idea to save your game at the beginning of each character switch. The Queen is a weak character (anyone without a saber is!) and this is evidenced by the fact that her starting weapon is a wimpy droid stunner. As the Queen, you need to protect Captain Panaka, because if he dies the level ends. As Obi-Wan, your mission is to just fight and follow Darth Maul where ever he goes.

This is another level in which fighting strategies will be slightly different for everyone. It all depends on where you leave Panaka, if you tell him to scout ahead or if you scout ahead, what enemies you kill, or if you run past them, and so forth. You don't always have to destroy every enemy, sometimes running out of the area will work and they won't follow you. The desciptions I give here are for the strategies that I used, but there are many other strategies you can employ.

First you start out as Obi-Wan. Turn right, and lead the crew forward into the hangar bay, and you meet up with Darth Maul again. As suddenly as it began, you are no longer Obi-Wan.

Now are you the Queen. Save your game. Getting through some of this level should be easy (well, at least familiar), because you've been here before (only now you're following the path in reverse).

Grab the 5 flash grenades behind you. Go forward, and fight some droids. On your left is a room with the man guarding the small weapons room. Talk to him, and he'll open the door next to you. Grab the seeker droid and the blaster with 250 shots. Exit, and continue onward.

You'll come to a small courtyard with a fountain. In one corner is a ledge up above with 5 flash grenades. In another corner is a small health powerup. In the room near the fountain is a thermal detonator and a battle droid.

Panaka may comment that it's too quiet, or that there's more droids ahead. If he says "we've got problems, move out" pay attention. That means the destroyer droid is coming up behind you. Once you past the first fountain area, the destroyer droid won't follow you around the corner.

On your way out of the fountain courtyard, blast the droids, and then go around the corner. You'll come to the bridge. There's a balcony and room to the right, except the boat has been destroyed so you can't get in that way. There is a tiny buttress near the balcony. Get onto it, then then from there you can jump, and hang off the railing. Hoist yourself up. You'll find a small health powerup, and down the stairs is a proton missile launcher with 5 shells.

Across the bridge and around the corner is a droid using a heavy repeating cannon. Save your game. Kill the droid operating it, then get behind it and blast everything in sight. There are about 10 battle droids and 3 destroyer droids. When the area is cleared, continue forward, but be prepared because there is a destroyer droid around the corner. You can take him out with your proton missile launcher, or if you're quick you can run back to the heavy repeating cannon. If you choose the latter, make sure you don't hit Panaka because he will be up ahead near the destroyer droid. When the path is clear, go around the corner to the blast doors. You will switch characters.

Now are you Obi-Wan in the hangar bay. Save your game. Help Qui-Gon fight Darth Maul. There's a full health powerup to the right, and a small health powerup to the left. You need to get Maul about halfway down on his health bar (none of Qui-Gon's hits affect this). Try to destroy any boxes on the ground because Darth Maul will starting throwing them at you. After Darth Maul's health is about halfway, he'll escape through a side door. Follow him.

Now you're the queen again. Save your game. The blast doors are now open. Talk to Panaka, and tell him to scout ahead while you cover him. Go through. Once past the doors, on the left is a set of stairs going down. There's a destroyer droid that way. Quickly run past it and if you don't turn around and go back that way, it shouldn't bother you. If it does, you should have some proton missile launchers left that you can use.

In the meantime, follow behind Panaka and if you told him to scout ahead, he should blast the droids for you. He will stop on the right side behind a wall of flowers/bushes for some protection. And don't shoot the droids under the archway unless you want more destroyers on your tail!

Go up the stairs off to the right and into the room (you've been here before). Use the compartment to get a full health powerup. If Panaka is still down below, go talk to him and get him to follow you.

Go up through the room, across the bridge, and down the stairs. Kill the 2-3 droids off to the side, but don't shoot the droids under the archway behind you. The security gates are locked again. In an alcove to the right is an R2 unit and a wounded soldier. Talk to the wounded soldier. Talk the the R2 unit and have him open the machinery room door near the soldier. Go inside and shoot the generator until it's destroyed.

If the R2 unit has been destroyed and is not there, you'll have to get a keypass from the soldier. Then you'll need to go back up the stairs, across the bridge, through the room, exit outside, and off to the left (near the star symbol on the ground) is the red door. Use the keypass control panel to open it, and push the red button inside the room. This will open the machinery room door near the wounded soldier. Go to the machinery room and destroy the generator.

The security gates are now open, go through and kill any droids. Your path is blocked by a pink force field. Talk to the wounded soldiers if you want. There are 3 ways to destroy the pink forcefield. But first, let's gather some goodies that you'll need. Talk to Panaka near the soldiers and tell him to wait there.

Go into the small courtyard behind you (where the tank used to be from the first Theed level) and up the stairs on the right to the prisoner Obi-Wan released. If Obi-Wan did not release him on the first Theed level, he may not be there. Talk to him and he will give you a proton missile launcher with 5 shells, and 10 flash grenades (2 sets of 5 each).

After you're done talking to him, go down the stairs, go straight across the small courtyard, and go up another set of stairs. Before you go through the door on the left, look at the open window with a red light coming from it. Jump up in there, and you'll find a full health powerup in the compartment. Back outside, go through the door.

Go through the room and you'll cross a very short covered bridge. Go through another room, and you'll come to another short covered bridge. Before you cross it, go into the room on the left and snag the full health powerup. Continue forward into the last room.

Exit out the window, along the balcony, and you'll come to one side of the bridge that is blocked by the pink forcefield. Kill the battle droid guarding the room up here. Go inside the room and you'll find a proton missile launcher with 5 shells. Jump down through the broken side railing into the big courtyard below, where Panaka is waiting.

The first way to get rid of the pink forcefield is to have Panaka take it out. Save your game first. He will throw two thermal detonators at it, which will destroy it. If he was injured too much in battle during this level, he may not survive the blast (so you'll be thankful for that save game). If he can't survive the blast, reload a save game and you'll have to take it out. Use your proton missiles and flash grenades to destroy the generator inside the forcefield. If you did it right, the pink forcefield should shrink in size. Keep pelting it with your ammo until it's destroyed. Try placing yourself where Panaka was standing on the stairs when he tried to take it out.

The third way of getting around the forcefield has more to do with either luck, a bug, or previous actions in the level. I don't know what actions sets this third option in motion. After R2 opened the machinery door for me and I destroyed the generator, Panaka went ahead of me into the courtyard. I didn't talk to him, but went around this part of the level grabbing goodies, and he was not in the courtyard when I came back. If he's not in the courtyard, just go up the stairs by the wounded soldier. You'll come to the bridge, and you can jump down the broken railing. I found Panaka on already on the other side.

In any case, once you're past the forcefield, you'll round a corner where evil R2 (astromech) droids are waiting in ambush. If you followed Panaka and he's not too far ahead, he'll help you take them out. Before you go up the stairs, go down the dead end path. Up on the ledge is a battle droid and a full health powerup. There's nothing in the room where the little lost boy used to be. Continue on your journey up the stairs, and go into the door on your left. The lost boy's mother will open a door in the back for you where you'll find a light repeating blaster with 300 shots.

Follow Panaka up the stairs, and grab the full health as you go through the room. You'll go down some stairs, past the statue, into the garden, and finally to a balcony with the other soldiers. Talk to Panaka, and the queen's part of the level will end.

Now you're Obi-Wan again. Save your game. This is the last sequence to this level. There's a small health pack on the left. DON'T cross the catwalk yet or the level will end. You have to fight Darth Maul a little bit, and then both Maul and Qui-Gon will start crossing the catwalk. Follow them. Qui-Gon will tell you that the choice is yours. Jump over Qui-Gon to reach Darth, and the catwalk will give way under your feet. Qui-Gon makes it to the other side.

After your fall off the catwalk, turn around. There's an alternating blue forcefield. When it goes off, walk into the next circular area. Don't go any further and don't pass any more forcefields. Walk to the left and a small compartment will open up and you'll automatically enter. End of level.

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