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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Walkthrough


June 26, 1999:

The latest version of the walkthrough is here. It's hard to believe over a month has passed since the release of the game (and the walkthrough!). And here I am being a perfectionist and still trying to tweak everything to my satisfaction.

There are a few minor updates for more in-depth descriptions and strategies. There's also a weapons description added onto the tips section. And being neurotic, I had to fix a few misspellings created by late-nights with no caffeine and too little sleep. :)

Also, Mindspring was complaining about the overuse of bandwidth for my site (I hadn't realized how popular it had become!). I can't imagine what will happen when the PSX version is released and the furor starts anew. So I'm moving the walkthrough's official main page to a new server, Any links (including save games) have been changed accordingly.

June 10, 1999:

There is a new secret area (with a blaster) revealed in the Arena level. This blaster is important in defeating the boss monster at the end of the level if you aren't very good with your saber, and you didn't carry a blaster over from the last level.

There's also another strategy for beating Jabba's Champion in the Arena level, a NEW and better trade guide for the Mos Espa level, and a major strategy update on the Gardens of Theed (level 4). There are also minor to medium updates on the other levels to give more in depth descriptions and strategies. This walkthrough has increased about 50% in size.

I have now included the cheat codes and information on where to find save games and trainers in the the new Cheats & Save Games section.

If you would like to know about finding other resources for the game, please see the Intro & Resources section.

If you want to view the cutscenes for the game, go to and download Bink.

This will be the last major update for a while. I think there are enough strategies to make most people happy, and there aren't any more errors as far as I'm aware. Thank you to everyone who emailed me new strategies. I've tried to describe things in better detail for those of you who were not completely understanding things. And the html has been updated for those of you from AOL who have been having problems with the walkthrough.

June 5, 1999:

A lot of updates. More strategies, more items, and I've included a list of all the trade items and where to find them in the Mos Espa level.

June 2, 1999:

Ooops, I made a misnamed the drunk alien from the bar in the Mos Espa (level 6). I didn't see the movie before I played the game (which ruins the movie a bit, but oh well). It's been fixed. There's also a couple of new strategies for beating the Coruscant Mercenary.

May 28, 1999:

There is a pathetic loser by the name of "X-Man" claiming to be the author of this walkthrough. If you see this walkthrough claiming to be written by him, please email me the website so I can attempt to correct the situation. I put a lot of hard work into writing this, and I don't take plagiarism lightly. Thank you.

May 27, 1999:

I made a mistake on Level 11 (Final Battle) during the last 2 elevators you had to get on. I mis-numbered how many circular platforms there were, which had an effect one which one you were supposed to get onto. It has now been fixed.

I also included tips on Level 6 (Mos Espa) for finding extra fuel converters if you traded to Teemto (in the bar) before the "slashing prices" merchant.

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