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Special Tips:

  • Collect Ancient's Stones as many as possible. You'll need it for the final battle.
  • Get Warding Shield Spell. That's the best defensive spell in the game.
  • Get these 6 ancient artifacts to help you win the combat easily: Thoehan Great Sword, Great Sword of Darkstorm (The Best Sword in the game), Death Stroke Shield (The Best Shield in the game), Drakelord Gem (The Best Protection gem in the game), Dragonscale Armors (The Best Armors in the game --> 1 set) and Boom Stick (The Best Long Range Weapon in the game). I'll show you how to get those items along the way.
  • Got at least level 15 for each characters you choose before facing the final battle

Our adventure begin after you survive the attack by the underworld creatures. The first thing you have to do is find your way back to the Gladstone. Get the compass along the way from inside one of the tree's hole. Look at this map to help you locating some of the important things. The guard will spot you after you crawl outside the underground cave. They will take you back to the castle.

You wake up inside your chamber. Your advisor, Dawn, suggests you to join one of the guilds in Gladstone. For the full access of all the quests you'll have to join all guilds. You'll be given an option to take one of the familiar to accompany you along your hideous journey to find your lost soul. Your first goal is to find some info from the Draracle.

Guild Initiations

Q : Where is The Bacchanal, the Thieves Guild ?
A :
The entrance is close to The Iron Ring, the Fighter Guild. Look at this map to help you. You'll meet Dash, one of the member of The Bacchanal. He'll open the gate for you, but again you'll have to find his hideout. Look for this symbol along the way and follow it until you find the guild.

Notes: After you talk with the old lady. You'll be officially initiated to become the member of The Bacchanal. Of course after you show her how slick you are by stealing her knife !!.

Q : Where could I find pork chops for Boris, the keeper of the Order of the Finch ?
A :
You could find one running around outside the Gladstone. Kill one of those wild boars, take the meat, and return to Boris. You'll be officially initiated to become the member of The Cleric Guilds.

Notes: There are 3 shrines inside this Cleric Guild. The Bless of Body Shrine could increase your strength by 6 pts. The Bless of Spirit could increase your protection by 15 pts. You couldn't access the other shrine now. Use your coins to access all of these shrine. It requires 10 coins each time you pray (push 'C' for kneel down on the altar).

Q : Where is the magic portal for The Talamari (The Magic Guild)  initiation ?
A :
It's on the volcanic area in the southeastern part of the Huline jungle. Look at this map to help you. To finish this quest. Click on the portal using you crystal device before it sucks you in. The crystal device will appear when you're very close to the portal (don't go inside the portal). Go back to the guild to receive your initiation from Sione.

Q : Where is the dock? I need to go there for The Iron Ring (The Fighter Guild) initiation
A :
It's close to the volcanic area in the southeastern part of the jungle (look at this map). Use the key to unlock the door to the warehouse. Clear all the rats from this warehouse, including 2 huge ratman.

Combat tips 1: The easiest way to kill this 2 huge ratmans is by shooting them through the crack on the back window. Then you could go inside the room either through the crack or the main door.

Notes: On the middle of the pond there's a sunken ship. You could pick up lots of the small pots around it and some healing spells. You could order your familiar to pick them up also.

Draracle Cave

Q : Where could I find this Draracle Cave ?
A :
It's on the northwestern part of Huline jungle. Look at this map to help you reach there.

Q : Where could I meet Draracle ?
A :
He stays on the northern part of the cave. You'll meet some interesting characters just before you reach his chamber. They are the Orcs Warriors. They will say something about a magical door. Remember this for later quest. When you reach his chamber you'll be accepted by Jackel, his servant. Too bad, Draracle has gone somewhere and Jackel tricks everybody by acting as him. Go back outside the cave by using the magic portal outside the room.

Secret 1: You could get 13 ancient spells within the Draracle hidden safe (it's the safe with his picture on it, close to the entrance of Draracle Chamber). There are Blizzard, Cataclysm, Fire Storm, Warding Shield, Light Storm, Rune of Terror, Blade Storm, Plasma Storm, Lich, Trinity, Regeneration, Lighting Storm, and Banish. You could wait until you get the money (100,000 coins) later on or if you're not that patience, just tell your familiar to find an item. Voila, after a while she/he will empty the safe completely.

Notes: There're lots of money on the base of the river just in front of Draracle chamber. Take them all to increase your wealth. Make sure you have enough time to go back to the surface. You could only go back up by using the ladders on the both side of the bridge.

Q : Where is Draracle ?
A :
You could meet him at the Volcanic World. Go through the portal in the volcanic area. You'll meet Draracle in the first cave. He told you to find the mirror shards that scattered around in different dimensions. Once you get the mirror shards, you'll be able to find your soul.

Q : What should I do next ? I don't have anymore quest.....
A :
It's time to increase your new skills. The best way to increase your skills is by practicing in The Fighter Guild. Your second quests from each guild should be available after you return from the Frozen Waste dimension later on.

Practice Tips: There are 2 kind of training ground you could use. The simplest is the simulation (the one on your right) and you could ignore the Gauntlet (it's a pain because you won't be able to repeat the same practice twice one after another). Choose this combination for greater increase in your skills. Click on number 1 and 2 (look the picture on the left) then pull the lever.

Practice until you reach level 13-15 for every rank and you're ready to face even the worst enemy.

There are lots of things that you could do inside Gladstone. Explore both Lower and Upper Gladstone for secrets ..... Now you could check some of those secrets in Gladstone or you could skip it and head directly to the Volcanic world for the first mirror shard.

Inventory Tips: Keep all your additional belongings inside one of the guild instead of the inn in the Lower Gladstone. The Iron Guild is the best because that's the last one that will still be there before everything destroyed completely.




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