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Several other new areas will be accessible for you after you come back from the third world. One of them are The Orc's Lair.

The Orc's Lair (Optional)

Q : Where is the entrance to this lair ?
A :
There are 2 entrance to enter this lair from Draracle Cave. One through the hole near the big spider web and the other is by pushing the switch on the cave wall near the skeleton warrior's room. Inside you'll find several minor things. Not too important.

Secret 1: Behind the waterfall at the north area of the Orc's lair, you'll find a small crevice contains lots of money.

The Thief Guild Third Quest

Q : Where could I find the Orc's Raider camp ?
A :
You could find them in the area near the Lower Gladstone entrance. The entrance of the camp is marked by a pole with purple skull on top of it. Kill them and go back to Leina. Your rank will increase to Locksmith.

The Mage Guild Third Quest

Q : Where could I find Sione ?
A :
She could be found in the Ruloi Homeworld. Get the dream shard from one of the mound on the wall and use it to unlock the south prison. Sione is held there.

The Fighter Guild Third Quest

Q : Where is the secret room ?
A :
Is behind the door with 4 gems on it in the White Tower (Frozen Waste).

Q : How could I open the door ?
A :
Go to the candle room (to the right of the main entrance). Lit all the candles with your spark spells or Thoehan Great sword. You'll see the sequence for pushing the gem from left to right (blue, green, red, and purple). Push the gems on the door according to that order. Use the medallion to open the locked door inside.

Q : What is Chesara's secret item ?
A :
It's a Toy Sword. Take it from the corner of the room. Return it to Chesara. She'll give you The Reflective Plate Armor. It's one of the best armor in the game beside The Dragon Scale Armor (You could buy this one from the Keep inside the castle).

The Cleric Guild Third Quest

Q : Where could I find The Heart of Sunrise ?
A :
It's inside the Volcanic world through the urn elevator at the northern room. See this map to help you locating the flying urn. Put the Dragon Claw on the top of the urn. You'll be taken downstairs. Climb to the teleporter. On the other side, take the Heart of the Sunrise. Go back to urn elevator and this time take the Dragon Claw to operate the elevator again. Click on the symbol on the side of the urn elevator circular path to open the door back to the portal. Give this unique item to Boris at the Cleric Guild. In return, he'll give you The Spirit Staff.

Secret 2: From the urn elevator, head to north door. When you see the big eye on the wall, take left door and head down through the elevator. Enter the long dark passage. You have to be quick here or the ceiling will drop on you. After the automatic 'ceiling falling down' room, you'll arrive in a big room with two narrow ledges going up on its side. Before you enter the big door above you, climb the right edge and at the end of this edge you'll find Heart stone. This rare artifact could act as an infinite life stones. On the top of one the fire mounds on the second floor, you'll find Firestorm spell. Order your familiar to pick it up because the mound acts as a teleporter also if you step on it.

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