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Q : What are the secrets in Gladstone ?
A :
Here are some of the secrets inside the Gladstone.....

Upper Gladstone

Secret 1: If you facing the Keep, move to the right path. Before you reach the stair to enter the section where the Talamari guild is, turn left and approach the tree area with a cement pavement. You could move the leftmost stone slab to reveal a hidden compartment. You'll find Coco's cap, money, and manafoil inside.

Secret 2:
Before you enter the gate to The Lower Gladstone, you could see a building on your right. Get inside. Moving the picture on the wall will reveal a lever. Pull the lever to move the back wall. Inside you'll see several interesting goodies like Stroke Daggers and Life stones.
Secret 3: The same area but this time enter the left building. There's a hidden safe behind the picture on the corner. You'll find Flintskin inside. Outside the building, to the left, you'll see a pile of crates. Climb them and jump to the roof. Enter the open window. Inside you'll find platemail breastplate, manastone, and Quick Silver.  

Secret 4: The fountain to the north of Cleric Guild has some interesting items in it. Go there and dive into the fountain. At the end of the tunnel you'll find the Ring of Regeneration.

Secret 5: To the left of The Iron Guild, you'll see a pipe on the wall (just beside the shield). Climb the pipe. You'll find Ring of Regeneration around the corner to the left. Open the colorful window and you'll see 3 items: Fire Shield (very useful later for Volcanic World), Storm Crystals, Flash pots and some moneys. You could jump to the courtyard on the other side. If you want to open the iron gate, just step inside the small room beside the gate and push the button on the wall.

Lower Gladstone

Secret 6: On the eastern part of the Lower Gladstone, there's a building with big crate beside it. Go inside the building. Move the right bookshelf. You'll see a lever. Pull it to lift the crate outside and reveal the basement. You'll see a locked chest inside. Open it to get some goodies. In front of this building and to the right, you could open a grate on the house wall. Inside, again you could find goodies.

Secret 7: Visit the tavern. The guy who is standing near the bartender has the most powerful lock pick tool in the game, the Skull Key. Kill him (if you're not a thief) or steal it from him. It will increase your lock picking skill by 5 level.

Secret 8: By the lower river (approximately on the middle). There is a building with a locked door. Push the button by the door to unlock the door (look at the left picture. Inside you'll find a locked chest with Lesser Shield spell inside.


Secret 9: Near the lower right bridge (the South bridge), you'll see a bright red glowing window. Look at the map to help you. Climb the crates on the alley beside the building to the roof, then jump to the wooden plank in front of the window. Break the window and sneak in. You'll find a locked chest with lots of money inside.


Secret 10: On the southwest part of the city (near Barneby Arsenal), you'll see a big building with picture of the cooked chicken and cleaver. To the left of it, you'll see a ring with rope and some strange writing on the side of it. You'll see another door with that kind of writing on the left of it at the right wall of the same building (on the other side of the right corner). The trick works like this, when you pull the ring it will unlock that door for temporary. So pull the ring and run quickly to your right side and open the door. Inside you'll find a chest with healing scroll, dagger, and small pot.

Secret 10

Secret 11-12

Secret 11: Face Barneby Arsenal and turn right go forward to just beyond the faded red double doors on your right. If you turn left you will see in the near distance on a right wall a yellow banner, go towards that banner but stop short a little before and turn left and you will see a ladder to the roofs.   Climb up. There are two ways to continue from this point. First, we'll do left. Facing the cross in front of you jump forward to the roof abutting that cross turn left and jump the roof now in front of you, now if you turn facing front again you should see a rectangle shape of roof. Jump onto that piece and if facing the wall turn left. You will see the infamous beam with lantern (I recall it has a lantern) jump to it and go through the red window (open it first). You'll find a chest contains Ancient's Stone and Guardian orb.

Secret 12: Now,  you can either jump back to the original roof (has ladder) or just jump down and climb up ladder again.   If you turn at a right angle you will see a roof and just beyond that a wood beam.   Jump to the roof to the beam and then to another beam with lantern and slowly turn right. You should see the roof of Barneby's. Jump to the roof.  Break the left and right colored windows if they are not already broken. Do the jump with crouch option again through the window. On the left window, you'll see a chest contains Fire Crystal, Guardian Orb, and food. On the right window, you'll see a chest contains Ancient's Stone, Lifestone, money, and foods.

Secret 13: There are 2 main bridges in the middle of Lower Gladstone, I called it North and South bridges. South bridge is the widest one. If you go to the North bridge, you'll see that you could jump to the ledge of the buildings and walk toward the dam. By the end of this ledge, you'll see a window. Break and enter through  it (use crouch option). Inside you'll see a trunk contains Lighting Crystal.

Secret 14: Now head to South bridge (the one with stair going down to the river to the right of it). There are 2 hidden rooms here. The first one is through the window of the big building with big sign on it by the river bridge (if you come from Upper Gladstone entrance, it's to your left). Break the window and jump  through it (use crouch option). Re-arrange the big crates and you'll find a ladder going down.  This ladder will connect you to the closed area inside the sewer.

By the end of this path, you'll find a locked chest contain Manastone and Dragon's Blood. Go back up to the bridge and take the stair down to the riverside. Walk along the path toward the dam and you'll see a small window. Open it. You'll find a chest contains lots of interesting goodies inside.

Secret 15: Another entrance to the Thief Guild is on the dock area. Look at this map for direction. There is a ladder just beside the door on the right building. Climb it. Jump to the glowing window on the left building. Climb down the ladder to the lower level and you'll end up in the Thief Guild.


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