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Q : Where is the portal to this frozen waste ?
A :
It's on the north side of the forest (at the area where the big lake is).

Q : Where could I find the shard ?
A :
Go to the White Tower at the north side of this land. When you reach the end, climb the ladder on the cave wall. It will take you to the top of the cave. Open the door and you'll enter the White Tower. Jacinda, the Queen Warrior, has the shard.

Notes: Along the road you'll see two interesting characters: Rix and Morrison (Huh ... they both are chasing those sexy barbarian warriors). If you haven't got time to steal Rix's staff, this is the last chance.

Q : Where are these chicken ?
A :
Most of them are flying around on the second level. By talking with the Warrior on the candelabra room you find out that the source of this mess are the missing gems from their places. These 4 magical gems (blue, green, red, purple) supposedly protect the land from these mutant chickens. They also will open some of the hidden places in the tower when placed in their places.

Special Note: There's a bug in this game which won't allow you to take the blue gem if you take the other gems or kill all the chicken first. That means, you have to take the blue gem FIRST before doing anything else. If you do the other way, you won't be able to find the blue gem anymore.

Q : Where could I find the blue gem ?
A :
It's hidden in a special place through the invisible stair. To reveal this stair you'll have to arrange the candelabras in room A on their appropriate place on the alcoves. Look at the stains on the floor inside the alcoves to detect which candelabra goes in which place. Light the candelabras to know what color they are. Move and place them in this order from left to right: blue, green, red, and purple. Turn around and you'll see the stair. You'll see 3 rooms upstairs. Enter the middle room and kill all the chickens. Collect the blue gem from their nest. The gem holder is on room B beside the green gem holder.

Secret 1: Inside the left room you'll find the most powerful axe in the game: Great Axe of Blizzards.

Q : Where is the green gem ?
A :
The green gem is hidden in one of the chicken nest on the second floor. Put it on its holder on room B (it's on the wall).

Q : Where is the purple gem ?
A :
It's under the left bed on the Warrior's bedroom. Its holder is inside the room D (on the opposite of the red gem holder). It'll open the wall in front (Sec 1) and to the left (Sec 2) of the main  entrance. Inside these secret rooms, you'll find 4 chests contain: Ancient's Stones, Guardian Orbs, Fire Crystals and more goodies. You could find one of the most valuable item, the Valkyrie Charm (it will protect you from all physical attacks), also.

Q : Where is the red gem ?
A :
It's inside the alcove that releases fireball if you push the button below it. Put it in its holder on the opposite of purple gem in room D.

Secret 2:
By placing all of these gems inside their places, the other 3 hidden places (Sec 3, 4, and 5) will be opened (this including the foul smelling jail..... that contains all of these lonely man.... I'm glad I'm not one of them ...). Look at the map for the room locations. These rooms contain 4-5 chests with Ancient Stones, Guardian Orbs, and more goodies.

Q : How could I get the shard from Jacinda ?
A :
There are two ways. First, if you agree to help her, you'll be able to take the shard from her death body after you finish your task (of course from her death body because after all, in the end she'll attack you anyway.... ). Second, if you don't want to waste your time helping her, you could kill her directly and take the shard inside the safe in the throne room. From her death body you could take the key to unlock the safe. Retrieve the Silver Fang Hilt also from her death body (it's a part of one of the most powerful sword in the game). You could collect around 1500 coins there.  Break the glass that holds the sword on the wall (actually that sword is the shard). Look at this map to locate the throne room. Take the shard and you'll be transported to Draracle cave again.

Secret 3: Touch the mirror with the Silver Fang Hilt. You'll forge one of the most powerful sword in the game: The Silver Fang. It's one of the most effective weapon later on for the final combat.

Note: If you decide to do the task, you could take the safe key from her death body later on. Remember to take the key before you take the shard.

Special Note: If you want to access all the quests of this game, you should get the shard from Ruloi Homeworld first before you head to the Underworld. The third quest from each guild is given after you closed the Ruloi Homeworld. So if you head the Underworld first then go to Ruloi Homeworld, you're out of luck because NOBODY will give you more quests...... Why? because Gladstone is gone ..... except the Training Ground for the Fighter Guild.


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