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Make sure you've already bought everything you need from the Upper and Lower Gladstone because by the time you done with this world, everything will be destroyed completely. Lighting spells and Thoehan Great sword are very useful here, in the underworld. In fact that's the only things that could damage your opponents badly here. By the way, this is the easiest world compare to the other 3 worlds.

Q : Where is the portal to the Underworld ?
A :
It's close to the entrance of the Lower Gladstone (near the Geldenberry farm). In front of the portal, Dash will greet you and give a Clock Key quest. You'll meet Dash if only you join the Thief Guild.

Q : Where is the clock that Dash mention about ?
A :
It's by the dance hall. You won't miss it because it's a huge grandfather clock between the 2 elevators. . Use the key on the clock 3 times until the clock breaks. If you go around the corner behind it, you'll see an organ player. Hey, where does he come from. I swear he's not there before I break the clock .... I think he's waiting for his time to do the performance.... The clock key also open a hidden path behind the grandfather clock. It will take you down to the wine cellar.

Note: If for example you are not joining the Thief Guild, you won't meet Dash and he'll not give you the Clock Key. You could find it upstairs on the second floor. Look at this map for location.

Q : What could I do with him ?
A :
Find a music sheet on the bookshelf inside one of the room by the garden's gate and a wine bottle down in the basement (wine cellar). Give both of them to him and watch how the dancers inside the Dance Hall start to dance. Wait for a while and they'll disappear into the wall behind the organ player. A door will reveal to you. Get inside and listen to what the butler said. Climb to the attic to meet his master. Hey ... that's the Grim Reaper from Grim Fandango... ooops.. wrong game.... Kill the Scythe Demon and you'll obtain the fourth shard.   

Q : How could I defeat The Scythe Demon ?
A :
See this clue ? Ghost doesn't like sunlight. That means, you have to find a way to bring the light inside. That's his weakness. Use the clock key on the clock at the attic 3 times. It will open the curtain. The sunlight will weaken this demon. With 3-5 powerful strikes, you'll defeat him.

Secret 1: Click on the wall on the corner inside the library (look at this map). You'll enter a hidden small room. On the bookshelf, you'll find Liches spell. You'll find 2 different Apparition spells on the bookshelves inside the library. You could find Ghost and Rune of Terror spells also on the bookshelf on the second floor (next to the room where you find Gabrielle's ghost, look at the side quests section below).


Side quests (Optional)

The Headless Ghost (The Underworld Garden)

Q : Where could I find his head ?
A :
If for whatever reason, you like to wandering around in the garden (you're an adventurer after all), you'll be stuck there until you help this ghost finding his head. It's at the north area of the underworld garden. Look at this map. Attach the head on his body and he'll cut the bushes and open the path back to the mansion.

Gabrielle's Ghost (Second Floor of the Mansion)

Q : How could I help Gabrielle ?
A :
First find 2 jars lying around. Look at this map. Get the oil from the first lamp here. Then go directly to the oil lamps before the fire got you. Use the jars to empty the oil from the lamps. That should do it. If you take the oil out from both lamps, Gabrielle will reward you with Death Stroke Shield. That's the best shields in the game.

Q : What should I do now everything in Gladstone is destroyed ?
A :
You could find Peter, the butler, inside the courtyard. He's holding a note from Madame Le Gre. Get it from him and you'll know how bad Lord Jeron is. They both are the source of this mass destruction. Meet your dying uncle also inside the wood. You could find him in the small area close to the entrance of Lower Gladstone from the jungle. He's lying in the camp. He'll give you a writ. Take this to Lord Jeron in the Keep. Too bad he just throws you away and torn that writ. Oh well you'll pay for this Jeron !!!

Secret 2: Open the small locked grate near the Cleric's Guild. It's the infamous level 20 thief grate. You could only open this grate if either your character have level 20 thief skill (I doubt this will work though, because some players try it and fail) or you have Syruss as your familiar. Behind this you'll find an open wall. Go through it (if you go to this area before you closed the fourth portal, the wall will not be opened). Inside you'll find 6-7 Ancient's Stones, 8 Death Sacs, Quick Silver, Dragon Meat, and 6 Soul Meats.

Secret 3: Inside the courtyard, there's a high building that you could go into. If you take the stair to the second floor, you'll see two doors in front of you. The right door is locked but the left door is opened. Go through the left door and jump through the small window. Jump to the ledge in front of the outer window of the right room. Enter the room through the small window (use crouch option). Inside you'll find Ring of Reflection and some interesting goodies (a spell if I'm not mistaken).



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