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When you get back to Gladstone, everything is changed already. Some part of the Lower Gladstone has been destroyed. Some part of the wood is destroyed also. How could these strange, ugly looking animals lurking around the jungle and the city? Report the development of this strange situation and the portal to your uncle inside the Throne Room in the keep. You'll meet the annoying Jeron try to stop you from having a meeting with your uncle. What's wrong with this guy ? Something strange about him.

Secret 1: You'll have an access to enter Jeron's secret rooms now. Enter his office inside the keep. Enter his office. If he's there, just go out for a while and re-enter his office. He should be gone. Push his chair behind the desk and it will open the secret path behind the bookshelf. Click on the left skull to operate the elevator. Inside one of the room you'll find Ancient Stones (3 of them), and several goodies. You'll find out also that he's the traitor. One of the painting has a hole on it. You'll see the throne room through this hole..... So he's a spy after all.

Notes: The courtyard area behind the Talamari Guild is opened now. You could access that area through the big door in the Upper Gladstone suburbian (near Bacatta house). You'll meet your stepmother at the first house you'll see on the left. She blames you for the death of your father and brothers. You'll find lots of Ancient's Stones here inside some of the barrels. I think you could find up until 10 stones.

Secret 2: Enter the empty building on the back (the one near the Cleric Guild). Near the stair to the second floor, click on the panel on the wall. It will open a secret ladder to the basement. You could pick up another Ancient's Stones inside along with several interesting goodies.

Thief Guild Second Quest

Q : Where could I find the King's pardon ?
A :
One of the guard that patrol outside the keep has it. Steal it from him. Return to the Thief guild and you'll be granted to meet Elena, the Princess of Thief.

Cleric Guild Second Quest

Q : How to solve this quest?
A :
This one pretty simple. As long as you've found those 5 different herbs from the other worlds, your quest will be automatically crossed out. You'll be granted to meet Joe, the head of the guild. He's the one who'll give you the third quest later on.

BUGS: sometime the quest doesn't crossed out. You should go out of the guild and re-enter the guild. That should do it.

Mage Guild Second Quest

Q : How to solve this quest?
A :
Conquer another portal, but before you take the shard. Sample it like the way you did for the first quest of Talamari guild. Go back to Dawn and she'll give you the Drakelord Gem. It's one of the best amulet in the game. It could protect you from Ancient Magic Spells (reduce the damage by half).

Fighter Guild Second Quest

Q : How to solve this quest?
A :
Just conquer another portal world. That's it, you'll automatically complete this quest.


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