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Q : Where could I find the first shard ?

A :
Morphea, the female dragon, has it. Go to the Volcanic world and find her. She resides in the inner chamber. You need to meet her 3 times (in 3 different places) before she'll say something about the shard.

Secret 1: You'll see a crack on the wall that contains a strange weapon like axe (it's only after few turns from the main entrance). It's too small for you to jump into the crack. Widen the crack with your sword and either jump there to retrieve the Vulcan Staff or ask your familiar to take with you.

Q : I arrive in this dead end. Where should I go to continue ?
A :
There should be a stone platform moving up and down in the middle of the circular cave. Smash the 2 small crater to trigger the stone platform. Look at this map to help you locate the crater. Jump to the platform and ride to the water pond below. Enter the pathway to continue your journey.

Notes: Always look for this craters along the path. Everytime you stuck and you couldn't go anywhere, you'll find a way by smashing this craters.

Secret 2: There are lots of Dragon Blood on the small cave with the moving stone pillars. In this room there's 2 moving stone pillars. Take the pillar that goes to the highest point. At the end of this path you'll see pile of Dragon Bloods. The other pillar will take you to a lava river cave that contains Coco'c Cap.

Notes: The Dragon meat not only delicious but pretty expensive also. Take them with you. If you see symbol like the picture beside this text, you may want to click on them. Sometime they act as a button (especially the one in front of the gate to the inner chamber.

In most cases if you don't disturb the firebettles, they won't disturb you.

Q : I meet Morphea but she's crying for her death mate. What should I do ?
A :
Keep on moving until you meet her again in the upper balcony. Look at this map to help you. This time she'll fly away to the lower chamber. Chase her through this path and you'll see her in the lava chamber.

Q : How could I defeat her ? She keeps on resurrect...
A :
Smash the 3 small crates inside this lava chamber first. That should prevent her from doing the resurrection. Remember she's the master of the fire so that action will extinguish the lava pool as her power source. Stay away from her when she faces her death because her body will explode. Pick up the first shard on the base of the pond. You'll be transported to Draracle chamber again.

Combat tips: Use the Flintskin if you have find them and attack her with long range weapons.

Q : How could I get out from this Draracle cave? Jakel said there's a construction for repairing the cave outside.
A :
Enter the right opening. By the time you enter, the wall will close behind you. The exit is on level 5. Be careful when you walk around this labyrinth. Some grounds have moving plate that could trigger the fireballs or flying darts. Along the way you'll find Lesser Blade (on level 4), Lesser Heal (on level 3), and Lesser Light spell (on level 5).

Notes: Pay attention of these small buttons along the way inside this labyrinth. If you see the map for each level, these buttons are marked in red color. They could be in circular or rectangle shape.

Special Note: After you get out from this Volcanic World. Go back to the Keep in Upper Gladstone. On the second floor you'll meet Luther. He'll give you one of the best sword in the game: Thoehan Great Sword.


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