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Q : Where is the portal to Shattered Desert ?
A :
It's near the Frozen Waste portal, to the north of it.

Q : Where could I find the shard ?
A :
You need to find the bunker first. Someone inside the bunker has it. Follow the upper path until you reach the end. Turn to your right and you'll see a ledge with an open iron grate on the wall, just at the corner of the cliff. Do a long jump to that ledge. Enter and continue your journey until you reach the end of the path. Climb the vine there and enter the small crevice on the top of the cliff. Continue your journey again. At the end of this path you'll see a big metal bunker. You'll find Moore (the last man on this world) inside. He warns you about Cabal, the master of this world. He has the shard.

Combat Notes: Be careful when you approach the enemies here because they're tend to attack you in groups. They're also focus on your familiar first. Be sure to protect him/her. Use your shield often here to protect you from their deadly spray.

Secret 1: Stop at the first open area from your starting point. Turn to your left, you'll see a pig shape item on the ledge. Jump down and climb the vine on that ledge. Surprise, you'll find the $100,000 coins piggy bank. Nice, sense of humor guys !!! This is enough to break Draracle Safe puzzle in Draracle's safe.

Q : How could I get inside the inner rooms of the bunker ?
A :
The entrance is hidden on the ground. Look at the left wall inside the bunker. Open the panel there and push the button. It will activate the elevator outside this bunker. You'll see the lamp on the ground turn to red. Open the panel beside the lamp and push the button. It will open the cover of the elevator. Step on the platform and push the button one more time. You'll be transported to the underground room. At the end of this room there is a double door. Open it, step in and turn to your left to open the other door. This door will not open until after the door where you come from closed.

Q : I'm stuck here. It's a dead end. How could I continue ?
A :
Notice that air vent door on the wall up there. You need to go through that. Move the cabinets around and then move the chair and place it just below the air vent. Climb the chair, open the air vent, climb the cabinet, then climb in. You'll end up in a big circular room. There a panel on one of the corner (it has sparks on it). Open the panel and push the button. It will open the wall to the left of it. Enter and continue your journey. You'll arrive in a circular room with 4-5 mechanic guns shooting on you.

Combat tips: Use the Sunray spell if you have it against these guns. This prove to be very useful (until you find the famous boom stick later on) if you try to deactivate that security laser guns. Or just approach them quickly and slash them with your sword.

Q : There is an air vent up there on the wall but I couldn't find anything to climb to. What should I do ?
A :
Shoot all the monitor on the ceiling. When they drop, move and arrange them so you could climb to the air vent. This is a little bit tricky, but you should be able to stack them and climb up. Get ready when you open the air vent because there's another mechanic gun shooting at you.

Secret 2: When you approach the door with the scanner, you'll hear your familiar say something about Boom Stick. If you walk to the left of the door with scanner beside it, the wall will open. You'll be arrived in 4 small circular rooms. In one of the room (gun room on this map), you'll see a panel with a picture of gun on it. Push the button below that panel 9 times. You'll see a big Boom Stick (hmmm..... this is another weird thing..... gun and fantasy role playing doesn't mix !!!). It's the most powerful weapon to deal with all of those laser guns.

Q : How could I open the door with a scanner beside it ?
A :
You need something to trick this eye scanner. Yes, you need an EYE. Go back to the big hall with 8 small rooms around it. Look at this map to locate the mechanic eye. From one of the small chamber there (chamber 1), you'll find the mechanic eye on the robot. Use this eye on the scanner to open the door. Continue to walk down the path. You'll end up in another circular room (room A) with blue barrier in the middle. Destroy all of those mechanic laser guns with your gun .... er.... Boom Stick ....

Q : How could I lower that barrier ?
A :
Destroy all the blue panels on the wall. There are approximately 8 of them. The barrier will be lowered. Notice that ladder to the upper ledge. There's an air vent up there. There's your ticket out of here later on. Remember this area. Now climb down the ladder to the tunnel below and follow the water tunnel.

Q : Every time I get into the water I get electrocuted ? What should I do ?
A :
See that hanging electric wires.... Shoot them all so they don't connect to the water directly (there should be 4 of them). Or just do the simple way .... RUN LIKE HELL !!!! Open the big door at the end by pushing the button. This is the main chamber where Cabal is hiding.

Q : Where is Cabal ?
A :
He's hiding behind those strong blue barrier on the other side of the room. Go around the center and talk with him. After you've done talking with him, destroy all of his protection guns to lower that blue barrier. The barrier will be lowered down as soon as you destroy the last protectors. Hit all of those red buttons behind the barrier. The shard will fly to the ground when you've destroyed all the buttons. Pick it up. Ooooo no.... Jakel blocks the way. You'll be kicked back again to the bunker. What does he mean by self destruction soon? That means: MOVE YOUR A.. and RUN LIKE HELL to the outer area of this bunker through the air vent (in room A) I've told you earlier. You got only 20 minutes real time before the building exploded.

Combat tips: The Warding Shield (requires Ancient's Stones) is the perfect defensive spell to attack Cabal's protectors in his main chamber. Combine with the boom stick, you'll sweep all of those machine guns in second.

Q : It's too far to jump across. What should I do ?
A :
This area (by the end of the air vent from room A) is heavily guarded. Use Warding Shield spell before you enter. Eliminate all of those mechanic guns (there are 4 of them). Push the button on your right. It will connect the bridge to the other side. Continue your way exactly through the path you came into this bunker.

Q : Where should I go now ?
A :
Head to Draracle Cave to face Jakel in the final battle.


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