Mission 1

Mission Objective:
Trevor, the manager of The Pre-Colombian Antiquities Department of the Boston Museum, has called the organization to investigate the strange phenomena which now causing deep concern. He has called Prof. Mc Randall, an anthropologist specialist in Meso-American rites, to take care the latest acquisition for the museum. You have to talk with both person to do the investigation.

Q: Where could I meet Trevor and Mc Randall?
A: Go straight and take the first door on your right. You'll arrive at Trevor's office. He will ask you to meet Mc Randall downstairs. Take the staircase to the basement and open the left door. Talk with her. She told you that museum has received the latest acquisition. Trevor hold the key to unlock the box inside the storage room.

Q: Trevor won't give me a key. What should I do ?
A: First, you have to show him the log book. You could find it on the table inside the record room. He'll give you the key to the storage room after that. There are 2 boxes inside the storage room. For now, don't open the box on the left end corner (the one that could be unlocked with Trevor's key). Believe me on that! All of those tendrils will attack you if you do that. You could unlock the other box though. The key could be found inside the room in front of the record room. It's on the crate. You could take a relic.

Q: What should I do next?
A: Talk to William Burnst inside the library on the first floor. He'll give you a book about theOaxatlan mummy. Show this book to Mc Randall. She'll tell you about some historical stuff.

Q: Where could I get this mummy artifacts?
A: You could find 3 pieces of them scattered around the museum. The first piece is inside the mummy room. It's inside the left end crevice. The second one is inside the box in the storage room downstairs (use Trevor's key to unlock it). The last one is inside the glass cage in the exhibition room (room A). Look at this map to help you. The trick is: you have to be quick because as soon as you pick up the second or the third artifact, the tendrils will start attacking you. Put them all on the round altar in the sacrificial room (room B).

Additional info: You could perform 'See Energy' spell to reveal all of those tendrils. But I think this act is useless because the tendrils will attack you anyway.


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