Mission 6

Mission Objective:
Sun City is built for wealthy senior citizens. Eighteen people have died mysteriously over the last six months. All of them died of exhaustion and found with their faces contorted in horror. The mayor of the city called the organization to investigate this matter.

Q: What should I do first?
A: Go meet the mayor in his office. The sherrif also will tell you about this matter. After talking with the mayor, visit the local examiner. Talk with him about the cause of the death. Your contact will tell you to cast 'Trance' spell on the body.

Q: It won't allow me to cast 'Trance' spell on the body. Did I do wrong?
A: You have to wait until the coroner leave. Go visit the restaurant and talk with Mrs. Crumble. Go back to the coroner again. Cast 'Trance' on the death body. John Sheridan's spirit will tell you about stone statue and his anger. Visit the chapel and the minister will tell you about an old Fresco.

Q: Who else involve with this matter?
A: Go to the Crumble Residence. Talk with him. Look around their residence to get some energy level. Go to Restaurant. Talk with Mrs. Crumble. He'll tell you that her husband got sick. Go back to Chambler residence. Talk to the minister and Mrs. Crumble. They both say that he's in a critical condition. Go to his room and talk with him.

Q: What next?
A: Go back to the Restaurant Bar and talk with the Sherrif. He'll tell you that the minister came earlier and left a strange statuette here. Visit the small room on the top right corner. Take the statuette on the fireplace. Watch out for Sheridan's spirit. Use 'Telekinesis Blast' spell on him. This is the most effective spell for Sheridan. Get out. The Sherrif will tell you to go to Crumble's house. Mr. Crumble isdeath now.

Q: I couldn't see Mr. Crumble in his room. How to unlock his room?
A: Talk with his wife. She'll give you a key. Unlock the bedroom. Cast 'Trance' spell on his death body. The spirit will tell you about the link between the statuette and the problem. Go to his office just accross the bedroom. Take the second statuette. Talk back with Mrs. Crumble in the kitchen. She'll tell to meet Mayor in the City Hall. Talk with him and the coroner. Your contact will tell you to find the apprentice who help Sheridan in this town and cast 'Exorcism' spell on him.

Q: Where could I find this Sheridan sidekick?
A: It's that strange minister. Go to the chapel. Use the 'Exorcism' spell on him. He'll be freed from Sheridan spell. He told you to find the 3 statuette and put it on the round fresco at the City Hall.

Q: Where is the last statuette?
A: Talk with the coroner at the City Hall. He'll mention that the minister came over to his office earlier and left a statuette there. Go to the examiner and take the last statuette. Go to the city hall quickly and put all the statuettes on the roundcarving. The ghost will appear and ask for a hand-to-hand combat. After he's done with his speech, go visit him at the chapel.

Q: How could I defeat Sheridan? He's a tough opponent...
A: He's not if you have blast him several time with 'Telekinesis Blast' spell earlier. If not, use the 'Repell Energy' spell to create a protection ring around you and attack him with 'Telekinesis Blast' spell.

Don't try to use the 'Drain' spell here because there is no H energy detected.


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