Mission 8

Mission Objective:
Lord Devender Jr., the heir to an old aristocratic Dutch family, has recently contacted the organization to investigate a series death of the people surrounding him. The first murder coincides with the death of his father, Lord Devender. All of his fiancées have been beaten to death but the police hasn't figure it out which weapon is used to kill them.

Q: The maid told me that I couldn't meet Lord Devender because he's sick. what should I do?
A: Just browse around first and kill all the entities you found. It will make it easier for the final fight because they won't give you problem anymore. Don't worry for your energy level because all the rooms have big energy level. When you're done, visit him at his bedroom on the second floor. It's on the right wing.

Q: Where is the clue for this strange disturbance?
A: Pick up the architecture report from one of the Junk room (the one on the left wing, close to your room). Show it to Lord Devender. He'll tell you to pick up the map from the maid.

Q: Where is the maid?
A: Usually you could find her at the game room downstairs. She told you that she have put the map in your bedroom. Go to the leftwing upstairs and pick up the map. After a while, your contact will inform you about a secret attic on the mansion.

Q: There's a strange noise in the library downstairs. What is that noise?
A: Pick up the bible on the desk. It will invoke its guardian. Kill it. Go to the chapel next door and meet Miss Olenka's spirit. She made a suicide in the past when Lord Devender broke their engagement. Her good side already forgive him but her dark side haven't (yup ... another dual-personality problem). You need to find her evil spirit and destroy her.

Q: Where could I find this evil being?
A: Your contact soon will inform you that the gate to the attic could be found in the weapon room. Go to this Arm room and cast 'Gate' spell on the pentagram. Pick up the old portrait on the corner. It will invoke the evil being. Talk with her and listen carefully when she mentions about the ring. Go back to the real world by using the 'Gate' spell. There will be a cut scene about the arrival of Miss Musetti, the new fiancée.

Q: Where could I find this ring?
A: Ask Lord Devender about it. You could find him along Miss Musetti at the room next to the chapel (the big game room). Miss Musetti will give you the ring. He told you to find the maid for his bedroom's key.

Q: Where is the maid?
A: You could find her in her bedroom upstairs. Look at the map to help you. Get the key. Go to Devender's bedroom. Use the small key to open the casket. Cast 'Exorcism' spell if you couldn't get the ring. Sometimes it is blocked by some strange force. The evil being will appear and get mad. Now it's time to protect Miss Musetti from her.

Q: Where is Miss Musetti?
A: You could find her downstairs in the library. Use the combination of 'Repell Energy' and 'Blast Positive' spells to kill the evil being. If you have tune in the 'Blast Positive' spell at level 10, you should be able to finish her off easily. Chase her around if she tries to escape. Most of the time you could find her near the staircase.

Play Station Version:

Mrs. Allister won't give you the key near the end of the mission. You have to go back to the entrance of the house and open the door that leads to the other wing of the main floor (not the one with the chapel) then open the only door in the corridor (fight ghosts) and get the key from the floor on the right.


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