Mission 3

Mission Objective:
A brand new fast food outlet in Austin, Texas, has had to close because of the disturbance at the kitchen. On several occasions, the assistant managers discovered absolutely delicious dishes in the kitchen, which is most unusual in a fast food outlet. None of the employees would have been able to cook them. You have to find out where this food come.

Q: Where's the manager of this outlet?
A: Take the door on your left then enter the left door. The manager will talk to you about the problem.

Q: What should I do now?
A: Try to investigate the surrounding. You'll find an interesting character who is looking for the old recipe in the kitchen. Take the elevator in the garbage room to access the lower floor. Push the button on the wall to activate the elevator. Enter the locker room. Use the 'Telekinesis' spell to reach the old menu which is floating on the left corner. Get it.

Q: How could I open the locked door here?
A: The manager has the key to this freezer room. Go back to the manager office. You could pick up the key on the desk. He must be forget to take this key. Use this key to unlock the freezer room. Before you enter this room, tune in your 'Blast Positive' spell to level 4 and get ready to blast 4 entities inside this room. Pick up the Elvis picture from inside the top fridge. Watch out for the entity who guard this fridge also. Go back to manager and give him this Elvis picture. He'll bring an old cookbook and put it on the table. Pick it up.

Q: Where is the old record he's talking about?
A: Go to the kitchen and take the door to the back kitchen. You'll find a key on the corner of the rightmost shelf. Enter the garbage room. Push the elevator button and take the food elevator to the lower floor. Use the key to unlock the trunk beside the elevator. Get the old record inside. Go back to the manager office and play the record on the record player on the desk. It will unlock the door in the freezer room.

Q: Where could I find the entrance to the cellar?
A: It's inside the second freezer room. Watch out for some entities when you enter this room. You'll see a bricked section on the wall. Use the 'Gate' spell to access the cellar. You'll find the old chef here. Give him the old cookbook and he'll show you his gold. Pick this gold and give it to the manager. A voice will tell you to go the restaurant. Go there and watch the story unfold.

Energy Level:
The Cellar (120), Manager Office (90) and the Freezer (70) has the most energy level inside this mission.

Play Station version :

You don't need to play the record in order to open the second freezer room's door. Follow this step to finish mission3:

Open the rectangular refrigerator on the floor (you can open only one of them) and take the portrait of Elvis. The headwaiter will appear. You can either blast him or not...just leave this room and get back to the owner's office to give him the portrait.

He will tell you that he recently found out there's a cellar somewhere in the fast-food.  Take the cookbook from his table and go back to the freezer room. Open all freezer doors in order to open the door in front of you, then arm your PK blast and enter the new room. ( If this won't work, go back to the owner until he will tell you to help yourself to the  freezer.) Blast the flying burgers again and perform a "gate spell" in front of the cemented wall.

Shoot at the ghost-cook (you won't kill him) : he will leave and you'll find a square-shaped yellow thing in one of the rooms. It's a pot of gold. Take it, perform a "gate spell", go back to the owner and give him the gold. He' ll leave to Florida and Mr. Pinsard (the ghost-cook) will be more than happy to own the place again. Go to the restaurant's  dining-room and watch the animation.


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