Mission 7

Mission Objective:
There's a strange thing happen in some apartments in San Fransisco. The last three people who lived in it have all disappeared in mysterious circumstances. You've been assigned to investigate this matter. This is the shortest mission in the game. It's just plainly a 'Kill Them All' mission.

Q: What should I do to finish the mission?
A: Open the wardrobe and enter the beyond. You need to pick all the floating letters from each room after you kill each guardians. At the end of the tunnel, you'll see a baby on the altar. Put the letters on the top of the baby to form the word: ADRHALN. The baby will shape shift into an ugly monster. Kill him and pick up the sign on the floor.

Short Cut: You could forget collecting all the letters, just go straight to the baby and shoot him (no .. I'm serious ... just shoot the baby and he'll shape shift into the ugly monster). Kill him and get the sign.

Energy Level:
Don't try to use the 'Drain' spell here because there is no H energy detected.


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