Mission 9

Mission Objective:
Gehennic larva has given a wave of obsessive fear in the Northern United States. The preliminary investigations lead to the same conclusion: 'the entities' must have been packed in cans of meatballs. The factory, which has been owned by Walter Simmons, seems like the source of this disaster. He seems a trustworthy fellow though. The place is quite remote and well protected against intrusion. The organization has asked you to investigate this matter.

Level hints: Increase your Blast Positive and Repell Energy level to maximum. You'll need them badly here. Basically this is another "Shoot them all" level.

Q: Where could I find Walter Simmons ?
A: Ask the workers inside this factory. They will lead you to one of the warehouse. Surprise !! It's a trap. You got locked up in this room with those deadly flying creatures. Blast them with your spell. This level is a good place to use your Repell Energy spell.

Q: How could I open the locked door?
A: You'll see an axe floating at one of the corner of this room. Use your Exorcism spell to drop the axe down. Use the axe to break the panel beside the locked door. This act should open the door. Starting from now you have to be ready to face lots of enemies. Blast them all.

Q: Where is Walter Simmons?

A: You have to stop the factory machine from producing the cans. Walter Simmons will appear after that. The switch to stop the machine is located in the room shown below. Flip the switch and the machine will stop producing cans. Go back to the starting point. Walter Simmons should stand there.

Q: Where is the High Book?
A: The book is kept inside a locked trailer at the Filling Room. Walter Simmons got the key to unlock the door. Kill him (protect yourself with Repell Energy spell). Don't accept his offer. You'll see a key floating in the air. Use Exorcism to drop the key. Use the key to unlock the trailer. Get the High Book on the desk.


Q: Where could I find this dark lord?
A: Once you got the book then you could access the Beyond. Use the Gate spell anywhere in this warehouse (except inside the trailer) and you'll be transferred to the basement. I've tried it at the starting point and the filing room. I think it should work in every room also.

Q: How could I defeat this evil creature?
A: The best weapon to kill this creature is by using your High Book of Magic. Get it ready at your hand then use any spell to blast him. After 4 or 5 strikes you should be able to kill him.


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