Mission 4

Mission Objective:
Several people have made a dramatic falls at the Empire State Buildings in Manhattan. Although the bodies have been found between forty and one hundred meters away from the building (distances that no human being could possibly jump), it's the last place where these people were seen alive.

Q: What should I do with this maid?
A: Cast 'Exorcism' to free her soul.

Q: How could get that floating ticket?
A: Cast 'Telekinesis' spell to drop the ticket. Pick it up.

Q: Where could I use the ticket?
A: Enter the left door and give it to the counter on your right. She'll give you the boarding pass. Take this pass and give it the custom officer at the customs. He'll sign your pass so you could show it to the hostess (I wonder why they don't make this simple ......) at the departure hall. Beside the entrance you could find Father Bathandier in the waiting room who worried about a person called Hans. He told you to stop him before he does more damage.

Q: Which Hans should I deal with?
A: Hans Krueger, the captain, is the trouble maker. You could find him in the cockpit of the Hindenberg.

Q: How could I enter Captain Hans cockpit?

A: You got to find a child first. Only child allowed inside Captain cockpit.

Q: How could I make this child following me to the cockpit?
A: Ruin his 3 toys first. You could find them at the cabin walkway (the bear), bar one, and bar two (airplane). The child will ask you to the cockpit after that. You could recharge your energy level by entering all the cabins in the plane (10 each).

Q: What should I do with Hans now?
A: OK, you have to attract him to the air terminal. Get his log book and run like hell to the air terminal. He'll follow you everywhere you go. Just play hide and seek with him until your contact told you to go to the room with windows and put your datalyzer on the ground.

Q: Where is this room with windows?
A: It's the room called 'Store and Windows' on your map above. Drop the datalyzer on the floor and watch the ending.

Energy Level:
Ticket office (150), Bar (90) and the Departure Hall (80) have the most energy level.


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