Mission 10

Mission Objective:
This final mission is another 'Kill the All' level. Prepare yourself with all of those powerful spells you could obtain. A fortified manor in Scotland has been haunted for centuries by an extremely powerful entity. All of the owner and their relatives have been disappear tragically. Lord Mac Kendall has made a deal with the devil so that he killed all of the mansion's builders, artisans, his wife, his children and the manor successive owners in a huge banquet. His powerful main device is a recreation fountain of the four elements. He freeze it to build a way between this world and the beyond. You have to get rid of him by reactivate the fountain.

Q: What should I do first?
A: Try to find these 2 items: Book of Magic and Magic Scriptum. You could find Book of Magic at the Laboratorium Sinistrae and Magic scriptum is located at Biblion. Use Exorcism spell to drop them so you could pick them up. But ..... this task ain't that easy. You need to blast all the elementals that guard those sacred items.

Fighting hints: Air Elementals are easy to defeat by using Call Spirit (at maximum level) spell. The Earth and Water elementals don't have any chance to stand against Blast Positive spells (at maximum level). And the Fire elementals are disposable easily by using Call Entity/Spirit spell. Be sure to protect yourself by using Repell Energy spell. The flying dragons are easy to defeat by using Telekinesis Blast spell.

Q: How could I reactivate the fountains?
A: Go to the four antechambers and use Gate spell to travel to their inner chambers called Narthex. Push the switch on the stone pedestals. After you push the fourth switches, the locked door at the Golden Pentagram room will be opened. Use the Gate spell to travel back to the antechambers. Go to the unlocked door at the Golden Pentagram room. Prepare yourself to blast several more spirits.

Q: How could I unlock the door at the end of the tunnel?
A: Enter the room to your left (Enclave of Torments). Flip the lever on the middle stone pedestal. Three spirits will appear and attack you. Blast them all. Use Exorcism spell to drop the Volsorium Mesomorphe tile. Place this tile inside the hole on the locked door. Open it and enter.

Play Station Version:

The ghosts will appear in about 5 seconds after you enter the torture room. So be ready.

Q: How could I defeat Nephius, the evil sorcerer?

A: Protect yourself with Repell Energy spell. This sorcerer could kill you in one strike. So be careful. Equip yourself with High Book of Magic and kill him. This book will quickly drain his energy. Then finish him by using Blast Positive spell. Your mission is ended. Is it ......????

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