Mission 2

Mission Objective:
The Volstead brewery has this disturbance recently. The new owner has been shot death but no bullets found lying anywhere. You've been ordered to investigate this strange event.

Q: Where do I start ?
A: There's a trailer at the back-end of the brewery. Go there. Be careful, there are lots of ghosts will attack you on the way. Tune in your 'Blast Positive' spell at least until level 3. Use 'Drain' spell to recharge your energy. Be wise with this capability though.

Q: I couldn't open the van. Where's the key ?
A: Push the switch beside the electric box. This will open the door to the storage room. On the top of the crate at the corner, you'll find a key with a strange aura around it. Use 'Exorcism' spell to release the key. Pick it up. Unlock the van and go inside.

Q: What should I find inside ?
A: There's a deck of cards lying on the table. Pick it up. When you get out of the van, William Burn is in a critical condition. He'll mention about the gate, the beyond, and a guy called Ernie.

Note: There are lots of beer bottles lying around. I couldn't find any clue about its use.

Bugs: Don't pick up the accounting book on the site of the van or you'll be stuck for good inside this mission.

Q: Where is the 'Beyond' ?
A: Go to the casks room and cast 'Gate' spell. You'll be transported to the Beyond.

Q: Where's that sound come from?
A: Cast 'See Spirit' spell. The spirit will appear.

Q: How to kill this ghost? He's very difficult to kill.....
A: When the book appear on the table, quickly grab it and cast 'Gate' spell again to attract the ghost to the real world. Use the bazooka and the 'Blast Positive' spell to knock him out.

Energy Clue:
The Beyond (over 100), The Bottling Room (90) and the Cask Room (80) has the most energy level in this mission. You could recharge your energy here.


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