Mission 5

Mission Objective:
Two months ago, a New-York journalist was hired by Mrs. Windham, a seventy-year-old lady, to look into the successive deaths of her son, her daughter-in-law, and her two grand-children. They all died in their sleep at home at intervals of several weeks. She's the last survivor in the house. She wants to find out the truth of the deaths.

Q: How could I unlock the other doors?
A: Go to the master bedroom upstair and pick up the family portrait on the fireplace. Show it to Mrs. Windham. She'll give you the key to unlock the other rooms.

Q: Where is the entity?
A: Browse around every rooms, pick up the universal key on the bench in the garage (this will unlock the master bedroom later on), and go back to report this investigation to her. She'll tell you to check the office accross the hall. It has some strange noises in it. The entity will appear in the form of cat.

Q: How could I destroy this entity?
A: Remember the cat has nine lifes. That's why you have to destroy it nine times. Use the 'Sense Spirit' spell to track him. One time the entity will appear as Mrs. Windham in the kitchen ..... you just have to talk with her for a while and when she got nothing to say anymore, she'll reveal her true nature.

Don't try to use the 'Drain' spell here because the energy level is so low. Be wise on spending you 'Blast Positive' spell. Try to attack the entity in an wide open room and avoid small rooms.


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